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Yusei Tahara(an ERP5 developer): I'm sure ERP5 can be customized into an international NPO accounting program. ERP5 is very flexible, customizable, strong i18n/l10n support. However it takes time to understand how to use/develop. Let me know if there are any questions.


Evaluation of Reporting UseCases

Evaluation of Reporting UseCases for Fund Accounting

Can each of these reports be generated, confined to a specific temporarily restricted asset type?

ERP5's search function can easily filter result by any categories(asset type of account, etc). So all of them below are basically possible.

Evaluation of Fund Accounting UseCases

My intuition tells(although it is necessary to think the design carefully) that this can be done by implementing a security rule(note that security rule is configurable) based on project/group category with hierarchical structure. Since ERP5 accounting supports hierarchical structure to manage data, non-profit org can be parent and all fiscal sponsorship users can be children. This way, non-profit org can view everything and each fiscal sponsorship user can view only his data.

Collaborating evaluation

Evaluation of Double-entry Accounting UseCases

Evaluation of TrackingDocumentation UseCases

Tracking is possible. In ERP5 any documents can link to any other documents and can add link as many as one wants. And ERP5 support not only accounting but invoicing, document management, etc.

Evaluation of Handling multiple currencies UseCases

Evaluation of draft transaction UseCases

Evaluation of WorkFlow UseCases

Evaluation of the Reading and Reporting API

FIXME: This is assessment of what the API for manipulating the accounting data does, so I think it's tough to do it as a list of questions.

There is so called Inventory API which you can know your inventory from various aspects. From ERP5 design point of view, warehouse inventory management and accounting is same.(container is warehouse or account, resource is currency or physical product, etc) Test code is here

There is also a reporting system and file conversion system. For example you can create a report which can be exported as PDF, ODS or other famous file format.

Evaluation of the Storage API

FIXME: This is assessment of what the API for storing the accounting data does, so I think it's tough to do it as a list of questions.

ERP5 uses ZODB(object database for python). API is simple. Following is an example.

transaction = context.accounting_module.newContent(portal_type='Accounting Transaction')
transaction.edit(source_section=xxx, start_date=now)
line = transaction.newContent(portal_type='Accounting Transaction Line')
line.edit(source_value=context.account_module.sales, source_credit=100)

Evaluation of the Community Health