Monday, 2013-11-04

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joarmorning bkuhn!15:26
bkuhnjoar: Hey!  There was something you wanted me to look at on Thursday, right?  Can you give me the URL of that again.15:26
bkuhnjoar: so, I gave  you some feedback on that via privmsg... .feel free to keep playing with Ledger or privately reviewing Conservancy's data to see how we're using it.16:28
bkuhnMeanwhile, joar, how are other things going?  I realize you may be blocked on UseCases.16:28
bkuhnAnd I want to know when you are truly blocked.16:28
bkuhnIt's worth it IMO for you to keep working through informal evals of existing codebases.16:28
joarI'm not truly blocked at the moment16:28
bkuhnBut I realize we have a sequencing problem wherein I need to write up my UseCases, and then we need to sit down together (with others in the community too) to do the evaluations and pick our final plan.16:29
bkuhnWe'd hoped this week to do it.16:29
bkuhnI'm ironically very backlogged on Conservancy's own bookkeeping....16:29
joarthe preliminary evals could be extended and structured16:29
bkuhn ... and trying to get caught up.16:29
bkuhnBut I haven't forgotten I've got TODOs here.16:29
bkuhnDo me a favor: when you're a day or two from being truly blocked, let me know.16:29
bkuhnIt's worth it for you to spend a bit more time learning double-entry and the like.16:29
joarYeah, I'm working on setting up my own business logic at the moment16:29
bkuhnthat's a good task.16:29
bkuhnI need to also document Conservancy's business logic.  Which I started in that gitorious repository.16:30
bkuhnI think I can combine it with the UseCase writing.16:30
bkuhnUltimately, when we evaluate Ledger-CLI, we'll be evaluating Conservancy's own setup and documented business logic and seeing how it matches up with our ability to implement similar business logic in other systems.16:30
bkuhnLedger-CLI is clearly very flexible in that you can implement any business logic, but it's much more of a "DIY" style, whereas other tools probably have more easy-to-use setup, but are perhaps more rigid as a result.16:31
bkuhnThis goes back to what led me to pick a Ledger-CLI/DIY style for Conservancy's books: other tools couldn't do the "USA non-profit thing" right.16:32
bkuhnjoar: anyway, keep me posted.  Increasing your knowledge about accounting and related business logic is highly valuable at this point, but it can't go on forever.16:32
bkuhnand at some point, I'll just have to clear my schedule and focus with you for a few days to make the major initial decisions about the projec.t16:33
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ilanbkuhn / joar: not sure how far along the project expects to be in February, but it might be interesting to have a session on it at SCALE.23:15
bkuhnilan: I'd be happy to, although sadly one of the ways Conservancy is funding this project is cut Conservancy's travel budget to $0 next year, so I'd need travel assistance to do it.23:16
bkuhnAnd I very much hope it's far enough along to give a 45 minute talk by then... if not, joar and I have done something wrong.. :)23:16
bkuhnilan: Does SCALE offer travel scholarships?  I've generally paid for my own travel there in previous years.23:17
bkuhnwell, Conservancy has paid for my travel, to be clear. ;)23:17
ilanwe do have a limited budget for travel scholarships.  we generally evaluate the proposals first without taking travel costs into account, and then go back to see if any of the accepted proposals also asked for funding.23:18
ilanmore often than not we're able to help23:18
ilanid have to run it by the team, but i think you know my vote given both LFI and SCALE contributed to the project :)23:19
bkuhnilan: indeed, but I also wouldn't want to spend that limited budget on travel.23:23
bkuhnEventually, travel becomes important to a project to advocate for it.23:23
bkuhnBut we should probably get a year of work in before we start thinking in those terms.23:23
bkuhnBut an early report to SCALE -- esp, as you say, that SCALE helped fund -- would be good, if we can sort the travel.23:23
bkuhnilan: I'll submit a talk through the usual channel on it and we'll see from there.23:24
ilansounds good.23:37

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