Monday, 2014-03-10

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pritam@joar what does accounting-api folder actually contain?11:50
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pritam_@joar , I am pritam , I am interested in this project ...can you please tell on how to get started ?12:28
pritam_My interest comes as  the domain under consideration is of financial accounting as I have prior knowledge of double entry book keeping  and I also designed my own financial accounting software .12:47
pritam_I have gone through the npo ledger cli tutorial and understood to some degree about the tags .12:51
pritam_According to my understanding , I feel that the project is about modifying the existing REST api to include information about the various tags. Is that right??12:53
pritam_I have downloaded the accounting-api from git and have gone through the README.rst file and I am not clear about the statement 'Run the web service' in the usage section . Can you please explain...12:56
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pritam@bkuhn Hello , for doing the npo accounting REST API project is it necessary to be fully thorough about ledger-cli to start working ?? I am reading the documentation right now ..... It would be nice if you suggest on some important areas to go through ...17:26
bkuhnpritam: I'm sorry, I'm quite busy today and don't have time to help you further.  The student application period just opened today, though.17:28
bkuhnIf you'd like to get in touch later this week, please feel free.17:28
pritamWhen will you be free this week ?? I would like to contact you as soon as possible17:29
pritamIs there any alternative way to contact mentors if I get any doubts in the mean time ??17:32
pritamI would also like to write a proposal in GSOC but I want to be sure of the working and the goals of the various projects before that ....Please help . I know I am already late but I would like to try my best.17:53
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