Preliminary evaluation



Detailed Evaluation

Evaluation of Reporting UseCases

Evaluation of Reporting UseCases for Fund Accounting

It seems FrontAccounting's "Dimension" feature likely can do all of these, since it seems you can limit any of the above reports by "Dimension".

Evaluation of Fund Accounting UseCases

Evaluation of Double-entry Accounting UseCases

Evaluation of TrackingDocumentation UseCases

Evaluation of Handling multiple currencies UseCases

Evaluation of WorkFlow UseCases

Evaluation of the Reading and Reporting API

Interaction with the data seems to happen with embedded SQL statements intermixed with PHP code. Thus, writing SQL statements is really the only way to interact with the data, and as such, given that there isn't anything specifically innovative about the data model, this is no better nor worse than most other projects of this nature.

Evaluation of the Storage API

Again, SQL appears to be the only way to interact with the storage of double-entry data. Double-entry data does not appear to be segmented away from the other information.

Evaluation of the Community Health

Final Evaluation

Frontaccounting seems to be a project kept alive by just two people who presumably have deployments that are driving their work, but generally, there is not much unique about this codebase, and the design doesn't seem to have many reusuable components. Converting it for use with non-profits would be an uphill battle. While the system clearly works, and is in fact very easy to install, it has many assumptions about workflow that are likely specific to its current deployments and inappropriate for non-profits.

Finally, The use of straight PHP without a framework, and use of deprecated techniques and APIs means that it will be difficult to attract new developers.