Actually not named "GNUCash" but GnuCash although it is part of the GNU Project.


Preliminary evaluation




Josh Berkus: from my perspective, this has all of the drawbacks of ledger-cli, without the advantages.


Evaluation of Reporting UseCases

Evaluation of Reporting UseCases for Fund Accounting

Can each of these reports be generated, confined to a specific temporarily restricted asset type?

GnuCash is not designed for fund accounting although it can possibly be configured to use fund accounting.

Evaluation of Fund Accounting UseCases

Not sure.

Collaborating evaluation

Evaluation of Double-entry Accounting UseCases

Evaluation of TrackingDocumentation UseCases

Evaluation of Handling multiple currencies UseCases

Evaluation of draft transaction UseCases

Evaluation of WorkFlow UseCases

There is no specific workflow, GnuCash is a straight-up double-entry accounting program with report generation

Evaluation of the Reading and Reporting API

GnuCash can be configured to store the data in a PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQLite database, where you would have full access to all data from within another application.

Evaluation of the Storage API

See above

Evaluation of the Community Health