Tryton is a fork of OpenERP. A comparison of Tryton and OpenERP is available at Comparison of Tryton and Open ERP. Another comparision can be found on

List of companies that offer services based on tryton:

Based on a comunity with it's own foundation.

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Preliminary evaluation


GeneratingReports Evaluation





Evaluation of Reporting UseCases

Evaluation of Reporting UseCases for Fund Accounting

Can each of these reports be generated, confined to a specific temporarily restricted asset type?

Tryton does not support fund accounting as of now.

Evaluation of Fund Accounting UseCases

See above.

Collaborating evaluation

Evaluation of Double-entry Accounting UseCases

Evaluation of TrackingDocumentation UseCases

Evaluation of Handling multiple currencies UseCases

Evaluation of draft transaction UseCases

Evaluation of WorkFlow UseCases

Evaluation of the Reading and Reporting API

Since tryton uses RPC for client-server communication, it seems very likely that you could fetch any data from the server using the tryton RPC interface. However, this interface might include cruft that may make the API harder to use for simple reading.

Evaluation of the Storage API

See above.

Evaluation of the Community Health