Monday, 2013-10-28

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joarhey agliodbs!17:56
agliodbsjoar: hey.  I'll get to adding my requirements to the wiki this week18:08
joaragliodbs: that would be very helpful :)18:09
agliodbsjoar: one that we haven't previously discussed is the ability to track compensation requests18:09
joaragliodbs: as in; somebody buys something for the org out of own pocket and requrests compensation from the org for her expense?18:17
agliodbsright now I track that through RT, and then when we pay it, the data needs to be re-entered into the accounting system from paper18:18
agliodbsI also don't have any good way of totalling all of the pending requests18:18
joaragliodbs: Yes, that could be useful. When you write that usecase it might be worth to elaborate the information required by your org/by law in that request.18:19
joaragliodbs: RT as in
agliodbsjoar: probably the most sensible way to deal with that is some kind of plugin mechanism18:20
joaragliodbs: yes, it seems like something that could have a wide variation in the way it's used too.18:22
agliodbsjoar: well, you have cash vs. accrual18:23
agliodbsfor accrual, you'd want to book the expense as soon as the full expense for was filled out18:23
agliodbsfor cash, you'd only book it when the payment went out18:23
agliodbsso you'd need multiple entry points18:23
joardepending on the solution chosen, a feature like that could mean that you'd need user authentication for the people allowed to file such requests18:24
agliodbswell, the factor which says "plugin" to me is actually the workflows18:25
agliodbsas in, approval workflow will be different for each org18:25
agliodbsand we don't want to burden the accounting app with such complexity18:25
joarI see18:26
joarso if I understand it correctly the approval process should be kept separate from the accounting of the expense, the accounting of the expense could be either accrued expense or when the payment is made.18:29
joaragliodbs: ^^18:33
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joaragliodbs: hi again! which was the last line you received before you disconnected?18:38
agliodbsthat was odd18:39
agliodbsit was: so if I understand correctly ...18:39
joarno, not afaict18:39
agliodbsjoar well, it was only freenode18:40
joaragliodbs: You can also use
joaragliodbs: That's odd18:40
joarmight be a bug in the client where it didn't respond to PING from the server18:41
joarI have had that happening when I have been IRCing with telnet18:43
agliodbsmore likely just a freenode hiccup18:51
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bkuhnagliodbs: Sorry, I was idle-ish.  Tracking reimbursement requests is a very useful feature and very important to NPOs.  I need it too for Conservancy very badly...19:57
bkuhn.... my thought was that is more of a long-term feature than short term, but it's *definitely* worth writing a use case up for it and I'd love it if you'd do so.19:58
bkuhnjoar, agliodbs: FWIW, I've used RT before as a scriptable infrastructure for handling requests.  It has a pretty good API for that and is probably the best I've seen for request tracking API's in Free Software.19:58
bkuhn... so I think it might make sense to use it.19:59
bkuhnit's default web interface is very late 1990s, but when I worked on Stet for FSF (GPLv3 commenting system) we used RT underneath with a Javascript front-end and it came out reasonably nice.  It was admittedly a lot of work to get RT configured for it.19:59
agliodbsbkuhn: yeah, requires a LOT of setup though and some external webforms20:00
agliodbsbkuhn: but anyway I'm thinking API, because there's just going to be too many different ways to handle requests20:00
bkuhnjoar: Sorry I've been out of it today.  I've got a lot going on today.  I hope you've had enough stuff to work on it.  I read some of your "initial take" evaluations of some of the codebases.  Very useful.  Definitely keep up with that, as well as working with Ledger stuff.  I gave you read access on Friday to the internal Conservancy data to play with.20:00
bkuhnagliodbs: Oh, yeah, I think no one has every made an API-centric accounting infrastructure before.20:02
bkuhnI think it's something we should do.20:02
bkuhnBecause I've noticed that *everyone* complains (including those that use proprietary software systems) that their accounting system doesn't have enough APIs.20:03
bkuhnagliodbs: my view frankly is that we should move slow and steady and do this right rather than implement "yet another" system that solves 80%20:03
bkuhni.e., if the outcome of this project is to give a good application framework for accounting applications to be made later, I'll still consider it a success in itself, because nothing like that exists at all today AFAICT.20:04
joarbkuhn: I have taken a look at the SFC ledger setup, there seems to be references to parts not included in the repository though.20:16
bkuhnjoar: ok, maybe I made your permissions too tight.  Let's look into it.20:17
joarI will continue with the preliminary evaluations at the moment, so it's not very urgent :)20:19
joar.. bkuhn :)20:19
bkuhnjoar: ok, well, Conservancy's ledger-cli setup is also part of the preliminary evaluation.20:29
bkuhnIt's one way we might go.20:29
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joaroh, I think freenode might having some troule.20:55
joarjoar` is running on the same machine as me.20:55
joar.. might be having some trouble20:55
bkuhn`Yeah I think so too20:58
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joaroops, sorry22:03
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