Friday, 2013-11-22

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joarbkuhn: I think I have exhausted the book of much of the relevant information.17:58
bkuhnjoar: that's good.  Do you feel you have an increased knowledge about how accounting systems work?  Will it help you in your further evals of codebases?17:58
bkuhnHow are those going, BTW?17:58
bkuhnI know we're not going to hit our original deadline of finishing by today, but hopefully it only needs a few more days?17:58
joarbkuhn: I have a mental model forming. I would like to sit down and write down the modules and relations of accounting, but I think that might be better to do if we're going to go the accounting API way.18:00
joarI think the remaining evaluations will work with the evaluation template, and my forming mental model of accounting. It's just very exhausting to find all the information for each new project.18:01
joarit's a problem of finding the information mostly, since I have a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for.18:02
joar.. the modules/parties of accounting would stretch from governments and audits to transactions and accounts and might include company structure.18:03
joar.. and might be of good to the process of designing an accounting API.18:04
joarI have requested assistance from the ERP5, OFBiz, OpenPetra, ERPNext, Bookyt projects.18:06
joarERP5, Bookyt have responded. OFBiz has responded before we had the evaluation template, I have since sent an update to the list but received no response.18:07
bkuhnjoar: Ok, sounds like you are proceeding well, and I agree with you about writing out your mental model.  Feel free to prioritize that since you just read the book and it's fresh in your mind.18:16
bkuhnplease do it in the wiki though, so all can see and comment.18:16
bkuhnAnd feel free to post thoughts to the mailing list.18:16
bkuhnI'm very busy with other Conservancy stuff (ironically, we're in the midst of our audit, a thing we want the accounting software to help with), so I'm slightly distracted, but if you hit a blocker that I can help with, please always feel free to ping me.18:16
joarbkuhn: yay, I just read about audits! :)18:17
joarbkuhn: good luck, and thanks18:17
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joarbkuhn: <- great API! I think.22:28
bkuhnjoar: problem is their license.22:29
bkuhnWhat's the license of their docs?22:29
bkuhnthe code is useless to us under the license it's under.22:29
joaroh, that's right.22:29
joarI'll check22:29
joarbkuhn: seems copyright22:32
bkuhnNot sure what that means in this context...22:32
joarunspecified license.22:32
joar.. re: documentation22:33
bkuhnjoar: STOP reading it.22:33
bkuhnI don't actually believe that one can infringe copyright by reading something and the implementing the same thing.22:33
bkuhnBut Oracle and Google had a very long lawsuit over this.22:33
bkuhnGoogle won, but I don't look forward to the idea of having to prove the same thing again. :)22:34
bkuhnI'm instead going to write to the chief developer and ask him.22:34
bkuhnI tried to contact System76 before, but it's hard to find an email address.22:34
joarI would call to prior art. I will however stop reading it and reject beansbooks in the meantime.22:35
joarIf it becomes a concern later, we could always opt to not document any API that we would build ;)22:36
bkuhnWell, mainly I mean, BeanBooks might claim copyright infringement if our API "worked like" theirs.  That was Oracle's erroneous claim in the Oracle v. Google lawsuit.22:37
bkuhnBut it took a very expensive lawsuit to sort that out.22:38
bkuhnInstead, I just sent an email to the core developer of BeanBooks to see if maybe we can get the licensing issue resolved.22:38
joarYes, weird and expensive.22:38
joarI think the issue in that case was that both the implementations were compatible22:38
bkuhnoh, you mean the court case.22:39
bkuhnIndeed it was.22:39
bkuhnI wrote to FunnyLookinHat about it.22:39
bkuhnWe'll see what he said.22:39
joarOk, I'll push it down to rejected in the meantime.22:40
joarbkuhn: have you received any updates on when GNOME and FSF can assist us with SQLLedger and GNUcash?22:55
bkuhnThey aren't answering my emails.22:55
bkuhnSo we should assume they aren't.22:55
bkuhnGNUCash should be easy to evaluate.22:56
joarI see22:56
bkuhn(it's packaged, easy to install, etc.)22:56
bkuhnTry that one first.22:56
joarit probably has a good community too.22:56
joarbkuhn: I'll sign off for today. OpenPetra people will probably help on monday. OFBiz remains unresponsive, I've contacted Kuali asking where the community is, filled in most of tryton's evaltempl.22:59

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