Tuesday, 2013-11-26

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joarI will be right back, dinnertime17:39
bkuhnjoar: for when you come back:17:39
bkuhnI was wondering what the status is on evaluations?  Did we find any "diamonds in the rough"?17:39
joarbkuhn: No clearly cut diamonds.18:18
bkuhnjoar: are there any projects let to evaluate?18:19
joarbkuhn: ledger is by far the most flexible one.18:19
bkuhnSo, my thinking is this: let's work on this API idea, using ledger as a backend.  Granted, that was my hypothesis going in, and we will welcome input on the API from these projects.18:19
joarRemaining projects to evaluate according to the template are: ADempiere, ApacheOFBiz, Bookyt, GNUcash, Kuali, Ledger, LedgerSMB, npo-ledger-cli, OpenERP, OpenBravo, Postbooks, SQLLedger, webERP.18:21
joarTryton, ERPNext, ERP5 have been updated with information.18:21
bkuhnBeanbooks may have an interesting API.  I'm now in an email conversation with their CEO about the licensing.18:24
bkuhnjoar: So, do you think you can finish all those new evaluations this week?18:57
joarbkuhn: yes19:29
joarI had to put my daughter to bed.19:29
bkuhnjoar: ok, go for it. :) (and No problem, I realize it's late there :)19:37
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joarI'm looking at OFBiz at the moment, it seems to be leaning a bit towards e-commerce.21:10
joarI'm a bit worried about the evaluations. I feel like I can't give each application justice if I don't really dig into it, and some applications are a bit unintuitive. It makes me frustrated, as I know I can't spend an infinite amount of time on the evaluations. And I'm not sure that's what the funders want either.21:17
joarI fear missing any details lost when scrambling to evaluate the projects and alienating the communities of these projects with my inaccurate information.21:19
joarunfortunately, it is very demanding to grok each of these programs unless they or their philosophy is fammiliar to you.21:20
joarThus I have asked the communities of each project to evaluate the projects themselves according to our use cases but unfortunately not all communities have accepted the task (I am very thankful for those who did).21:22
joarFor example, with OFBiz and some of the other ERP projects I feel struck by their complexity.21:23
joarI moved around some of the projects, putting OFBiz, OpenPetra and BeansBooks under "Temporarily Rejected" as it is my judgement that they fit better in that category.21:40
joarI think we should consider what the target audience for the ExistingProjects page should be, e.g. "NPOs looking for fitting accounting software" or "evaluators using it to discard/approve projects based on their codebase".21:43
joarOne such case is ERPNext, which has issues with its codebase but might be a good fit for someone looking for something ERP-ish with seemingly solid accounting.21:44
joarI'm going to drop out for the evening, but I look forward to continue this discussion tomorrow.21:46
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bkuhnjoar: re: your question about evals: I think it's just fine if you evaluate the best you can (and your assessment about "how much time" is fine) and feel free to email the project leads and urge them to update the wiki if we missed anything.22:19
bkuhnjoar: So, I think the ExistingProjects page may indeed be useful to others who aren't looking at NPO accounting.22:20
bkuhnI think we should add something to that effect to the page.22:20
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