Monday, 2013-11-25

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joarI'm trying to install openpetra again18:10
joarfollowing the directions in
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joaropenpetra up and running!18:13
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bkuhnjoar: that's some sort of success.18:45
joaropenpetra has some church-related stuff in it.19:16
joarit seems to be targeted agains religions orgs19:17
joarbkuhn: is it decided that we should make an accounting API?19:38
bkuhnI think so.19:39
bkuhnUnless we find one in one of the packages we're evaluating.19:39
joarbkuhn: should I still evaluate the projects for anything else than an accounting API?19:45
joari.e. should we evaluated all the projects for fitness as NPO accounting software even though we're pretty sure what we want is an accounting API?19:46
bkuhnjoar: I think it's worth doing so for completeness....19:47
bkuhn... in part, because if one of the projects has a lot of good code, maybe we'll want to try to make our API work with it.19:47
joarand in part because the campaign said we should?19:49
joarbkuhn: dogwood seems down at the moment.19:52
bkuhnjoar: yes, indeed. :)19:53
bkuhnto both things.19:53
bkuhndogwood's IP is supposed to change today.19:53
joarI suppose the old IP is then?19:53
bkuhnjoar: Thanks, it should be all fixed now, DNS may take time to propagate.  I forgot dachary, who provides donated VMs to Conservancy for our servers, told me he was changing IP's yesterday.20:42
bkuhnAll is fixed now, though, thanks for reminding me we were out. :)20:43
joaryou're welcome :)20:53
joarbkuhn: it seems to me that SFAS replaces fund accounting, is that true?21:12
joarwell, SFAS 11721:13
bkuhnI don't think so.  But I'd have to read the SFAS rules.21:13
bkuhnIt looks at first glance that perhaps SFAS 117 is a way of reporting fund accounting.21:14
bkuhnbut "replaces" can't be the right word there.21:14
bkuhnwhy are you asking the question that way?21:14
joarI had a misconception about fund accounting, I think I might have misunderstood something in the book.21:15
bkuhnOk, I'll be back in about 40 minutes and can discuss mnore then, or tomorrow if you are offline at th  poiunt21:16
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joarthe book makes it seem like fund accounting is a thing of pre-1994. See chapter 7, paragraph 221:17
joarthe OpenPetra linux client is very unstable.21:35
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* bkuhn is back.21:47
joarbkuhn: I discontinued my OpenPetra evaluation since the linux client kept crashing on me. The developers also stated that it is unstable.21:47
bkuhnOk, that's fine, note that in the wiki21:48
joarbkuhn: regarding the API: I feel that is relevant21:54
joar(.. regarding the possible accounting API)21:54
bkuhnYeah, I don't want something overly complex by any stretch.21:54
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bkuhnjoar: The BeanBooks guy wrote back to me wanting to collaborate, insisting their license is "open source" (it isn't, at least not according to OSI).22:03
bkuhnI've written back doubling down on the fact we can't collaborate unless the license issue is resolved.22:03
joarit's non-free according to, freedom 3, as well.22:06
joarsince you cannot change the logo, cannot distribute it without the logo and trademark agreement22:07
joar.. for sale22:07
bkuhnYeah, I know it's not Open Source nor Free Software.22:10
bkuhnI raised that with him.22:10
bkuhnhis answer was to double down that it is open source.22:10
bkuhnSo that's where we are at.22:11
joarthe documentation isn't open source.22:11
bkuhnI suspect that this dude is being forced to defend a license he doesn't necessarily agree with.22:11
bkuhn(I didn't raise the docs issue.  My plan is that if we can get nowhere discussing a broad license change, I'll ask them to at least release the documentation under CC-By-SA)22:11
bkuhnIf that fails.22:11
bkuhnthen we'll have to decide if we want to be compatible with them at all.22:11
joarsystem76 might not necessarily agree with that license if it is pointed out to them that it is non-free.22:12
joarThey are probably the ones that designed the license, but I'm not sure that they really meant to make it that way.22:13
joarat least that is what I want to think of them.22:13
joar.. although since they market *Ubuntu*-preinstalled computers to easily make the world transition to *open source* software I might be wrong.22:15
bkuhnI want to believe that's true as well, but I'm skeptical.22:15
bkuhnThe odd thing is: this project isn't a center of their core business.  Thus, I'm confused why they prioritize this issue of trademark protection on Beanbooks so much.22:16
joarYes, that is odd.22:24
joarwhat would you call an object that is; the change in value to an account in a transaction?22:28
bkuhnI am not sure I understand the question.  What's the context?22:29
joarImagine a structure where you have Accounts, Entries [also named Transactions, Journal Voucher]. An Entry would then contain two or more "changes" to two or more Accounts. Is there another word for "change" that isn't as ambiguous?22:33
bkuhnWell, there's more data per transaction that probably needs to be stored.22:45
joarbkuhn: here is a stub:
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joarbkuhn: I think "Delta" is what I was looking for.23:16
bkuhnjoar: Ideally, I'd like the persistent storage to initially be compatible with what Conservancy has with Ledger data.23:30
bkuhnThis would allow us to avoid making SQL-centric assumptions, and would allow us to immediately make use of the data for accounting.23:31
bkuhnYou also might want to look at my points in storage API.23:32
bkuhnOk, I'm going to be idle for a bit, you'll probably be offline when I get back.23:32
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joarbkuhn: thanks for the storage API pointer.23:32
joarbkuhnIdle: Yes, I'll be idle by then.23:32

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