Monday, 2013-12-09

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joarbkuhn: I have started on a ledger-cli interface:
bkuhnjoar: ugh, do you mind using gitorious instead of github?18:05
bkuhn(But, thank you for starting work on it!)18:06
bkuhnjoar: I'd rather Conservancy work be done on sites that are Free Software.18:06
bkuhnISTR that GMG uses gitorious, so presumably you're used to it from your work there. :)18:06
joarYes, I usually don't use the gitorious web interface though18:07
joarI have my personal public copy of mediagoblin on github, but merge changes using git and push them to gitorious, so upstream master is at gitorious :)18:07
joarbkuhn: could you please set up an accounting-api repository on gitorious?18:08
bkuhnok, sure.18:08
bkuhnThe question is: under what master account?18:08
bkuhnConservancy's I guess.18:09
bkuhnwhat do you think?18:09
joarwhat are the alternatives?18:09
* bkuhn thinks18:11
bkuhn(actually, I'm in the middle of booking my flight to FOSDEM... let me finish that first before my purchase times out)18:12
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bkuhnFinally finished booking my flight and hotel for FOSDEM, now I have to go idle, sorry about that.19:14
bkuhnI'll be back in about 40 minutes.19:14
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* bkuhn is back.19:58
bkuhnjoar: so there are two options for the gitorious master acct to us:20:04
bkuhnjoar: which do you think is better?20:04
bkuhnI can see arguments for both.20:05
bkuhnparoneayea, mlinksva : have opinions?20:05
bkuhnjoar: currently, the wiki is under the Conservancy one.  so that's an argument for that one.20:05
joarbkuhn: +1 conservancy, since we're the ones reponsible for the code, not the ledger community.20:05
bkuhnjoar: well, I am the person who created the ledger gitorious.20:06
bkuhnbut you're probably right.20:06
joaroh wait. It's confusing since the url says /ledger by the name is npo-ledger-cli20:06
bkuhnjoar: well, ledger is the top level.20:06
bkuhnit's the equiv of Conservancy.20:06
joarok, it's the UI that's confusing.20:07
bkuhnthe only reason I'm unsure about using Conservancy  that I don't like it when projects are institutionally controlled.20:08
bkuhnOTOH, this one sort of is. :)20:08
bkuhnso maybe it's right for now, and we move it later.20:08
joaryes, I think so20:08
bkuhnjoar: call it "accounting-api" ?20:16
joarbkuhn: yes20:16
bkuhnjoar: done:
bkuhnjoar: It's ok with me if you develop on github, but keep the gitorious repository in sync20:17
bkuhnand don't use the gitorious bug tracker. as it's not Free Software.20:17
joarbkuhn: s/gitorious/github/ ?20:19
bkuhnyes. :)20:19
bkuhnthat's what I meant20:19
bkuhnI was also thinking that "gitorious doesn't have a bug tracker" at the same time.20:19
bkuhnI've looked at BugsEverwhere20:19
joarIt's planned though20:19
bkuhnwhich could be nice20:19
bkuhnjoar: BTW, I'm in discussions with BeanBooks about liberating their API documentation and possibly collaborating.  Nothing more to report than that at the moment, but I'll keep the channel here posted on progress.20:21
mlinksvathe string looks pleasant20:31
*** joar changes topic to "Non-profit accounting | Project page:"21:46
joarbkuhn: I set the topic to something not null, change if interested.21:48
bkuhnthat's fine, thanks!21:48
joarbkuhn: I need write access to the accounting-api repo21:53
bkuhnoops, sorry, doing so now.21:53
joarbkuhn: I still cannot write to the repo22:14
bkuhnsoryr, I got a phone call22:14
bkuhn(really doing it now)22:14
bkuhnjoar: finally and truly fixed.  I hit "submit" :)22:16
bkuhnsorry about that.22:16
joarno worries, thank you :)22:16
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