Friday, 2013-12-20

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joarmorning bkuhn!13:52
joarbkuhn: I have written a bit on a javascript client14:02
bkuhnjoar: this is great!  You're really moving around.14:02
bkuhnI'm still dealing with the audit, so a bit busy to look in detail14:03
bkuhnMy one comment is: it would be very good to have 100% test coverage on the API and client.14:03
bkuhnIt's much easier to make 100% coverage when you get started and keep up with it than to do it later. :)14:03
bkuhnhave you set up a test harness and coverage checker for the API Python code?14:03
bkuhn(I have to go idle very soon for about an hour)14:04
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joarI have been thinking about it, but no real work has been made on that part.14:04
bkuhnIdlejoar: I'd say it's probably worth doing. :)14:05
joarI've been primarily figuring out the architecture until now.14:05
joarbut the architecture is pretty stable, so now is probably a good time.14:05
joarbkuhnIdle: agreed.14:05
joarbkuhnIdle: here's an example:
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joarit's now. I included the client in the same distribution as accounting-api14:57
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joarbkuhn: I will be off for today. I've started with the unit testing!17:43
bkuhnjoar: thanks!17:43
bkuhnjoar: I am really hoping to clear my queue ASAP and be able to be more engaged with you in working on this in the new year.17:43
bkuhnjoar: meanwhile, a company who said they were working on a proprietary NPO accounting system to me back when we announced the fundraising for this project ...17:44
bkuhn ... emailed me today and said they might release it as Open Source and Free Software.  I'm having a call with them the first week of Jan.  I'll keep you posted.17:44
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joarbkuhn: interesting, keep me posted22:52
bkuhnjoar: I wilL!22:52
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