Sunday, 2013-12-29

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joargreetings bkuhn!21:17
bkuhnjoar: greetings!21:18
bkuhnSorry I wasn't online much last week.21:18
joarbkuhn: Neither was I, it's christmas time after all :)21:18
joarbkuhn: it seems that the `ledger xml` command takes 18 minutes with the conservancy data as input.21:19
joarcurrently `ledger xml` is used for both transaction and balance data.21:19
joarand the output is 1.5G of xml21:22
joarbkuhn: that is, if you can be bothered with this today.21:24
bkuhnjoar: I haven't used the XML output.22:16
bkuhnI am not surprised it takes that long.22:16
bkuhnLedger is very slow.22:16
bkuhnit's one of the reasons I think the API is important --- but we need to turn ledger into "lib-ledger" so that we don't have to reload the file on every operation.22:16
joardo you mean 'lib-ledger' as in SQL being an alternative backend, or do you mean 'lib-ledger' as in parsing the files by other means than using ledger as a middleman?22:22
joarbkuhn: ^^22:24
bkuhnjoar: I assume your API still calls Ledger from the command line each time?22:40
bkuhn(on each API call, I mean?)22:40
joarbkuhn: yes22:49
bkuhnjoar: right, so my point is: we have to turn ledger into something that is library, that only rereads the files when they change.23:06
bkuhnjoar: are you using the XML data as part of your API now?23:06
joarbkuhn: Yeah, one solution might be to split it up into smaller chunks in the end.23:11
joarI use the XML data for both account balance and transactions.23:11
joarI only use the ledger-file format when writing data.23:12
bkuhnoh, hm.23:26
bkuhnjoar: how do you handle a modified transaction then?23:31
joardelete the old one, insert the new23:32

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