Tuesday, 2014-02-25

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anujagarwal464hi all08:45
anujagarwal464i'm really interested in this gsoc project "Build a better test suite for Ledger-CLI."08:45
anujagarwal464can somebody help me getting started08:46
anujagarwal464i know C++ with STL and basics of unit testing08:46
anujagarwal464anybody out there?08:48
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sodsohi all14:47
sodsoanyone onl9?14:48
sodsoim new here and wanna contribute in npo-acct14:48
sodsoplz help me getting started14:48
bkuhnsodso: I'm in the middle of something right now, so I probably can't spend much time right now.... but maybe in about two hours I'm available to chat more.14:50
bkuhnIn the meantime, feel free to take a look at the wiki.14:50
bkuhnAs is probably obvious, the project is just getting started.14:50
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lizhidongi am interested in this project and want to get more detail about it18:21
lizhidonganyone can give me some help?18:21
bkuhnlizhidong: Have you taken a look at the Wiki?18:22
bkuhnI'm happy to answer questions about it, of course.18:22
lizhidongyes,i have been check the idea list18:23
lizhidongit said there are only four task to chosen,right?18:23
bkuhnlizhidong: If you have questions about it, I'm happy to  answer them.18:23
bkuhnlizhidong: Yes, we only have two mentors this year, so we don't have a large list.  We're small compared to many projects in GSoC.18:24
lizhidong" we'll be selecting just one student, but we've provided four project choices. We need all of these items below done anyway"18:24
lizhidongis that mean the student need to done all four task?18:25
bkuhnlizhidong: No, we'd expect a student to pick one of the four tasks.  I'll edit to make that clearer.18:25
lizhidongmy major is computer science but this year just is my first year18:28
lizhidongright now, i just learned some basic of java,c,sql and assembly18:28
bkuhnlizhidong: what interested you in this project to come by?  What struck you interesting about it among all the ones available?18:30
lizhidongbut my minor is accounting and i think my understanding about it is prtty good.18:30
bkuhnOh, if you are interested in computer science and accounting both, this may be a good project for you.18:31
bkuhnI encourage you to apply.18:32
bkuhnlizhidong: the conversion of ledger-cli to fixed point arithmetic might be a good project to target your application for.  It's probably a simple enough project that a first year CS student could do it.... I should note that we cannot guarantee anyone's acceptance; there will surely be a lot of applications.18:33
bkuhnAnd thanks for your feedback to make it clearer that it's a choice of projects.18:33
lizhidongalso, i downloaded the whindows version of ledger-cli,but there some problem,the application just open and close in the nearly same moment18:37
lizhidongif the task 2 (Convert Ledger-CLI to use fixed-point arithmetic) might be the good choise for me, can u give me some mroe information abour it18:43
bkuhnlizhidong: what do you want to know?  (BTW, it's going to be a lot easier for you to do the work on a Linux-based system than Windows)19:10
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lizhidonglike what is the language needed for this task19:23
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bkuhnlizhidong: Ledger CLI is in C++.19:27
lizhidongand is the fixed-point arithmetic just mean inteager? it need to be change to fixed-point arithmetic but still able to represent and calculate the decimals,right?19:31
bkuhnlizhidong: Yes, you should probably do some research on what fixed-point arithmetic vs. floating point is and why it matters for accounting applications before applying.19:34
lizhidongok, i get it, and i will. thanks for your time19:37
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