Monday, 2014-03-03

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bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: if you have questions about contributing to the project, you should ask them here.17:25
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: As I already told you in email, while we'd certainly be quite impressed by an application where you'd already had patches accepted by upstream ledger-cli for any given task you might want to undertake on our list, I can't assure you that we'll accept any specific application.17:26
anulesh_tiwariok bradley will not be this type next time.17:27
anulesh_tiwariThanks. I will be at my best17:27
bkuhnMeanwhile, I don't even know what "Google test" is or if it's Open Source and Free Software.  Does it rely on an external web server?17:28
bkuhn*web service17:28
anulesh_tiwariAs they have given in their wiki it is open source.17:31
bkuhnAh, it's used by LLVM, interesting...17:31
bkuhn... I think that'll make it easier for ledger-cli to accept it.17:32
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: well, if you really want to impress me, here's what I'd suggest:17:32
bkuhn(I found it I think: )17:32
anulesh_tiwariyah it is used by LLVM17:32
anulesh_tiwariyah thats it..17:32
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: well, if you really want to impress me, here's what I'd suggest:  Make a patch to the cmake build system that ledger-cli is using...17:32
bkuhn ... that leaves the old test framework in place but is also able to use googletest as well, then write a few tests for it (separate pull request, following your previous).17:33
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: So, it'd be two pull requests: one to add the framework to use googletest, and a second to add a few tests.17:33
bkuhnIf you can convince johnw (maintainer of ledger-cli -- which is upstream to this project) , to accept your patches, I'll be *very* impressed.17:34
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: As I said, I can't assure acceptance of any specific student application, but I admit that if you pull that off even before applications are due, you'll have really impressed me. :)17:35
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: if you want to try this, I can introduce you to johnw over on #ledger.17:36
anulesh_tiwariok bradly I will soon let the work to be done. Yes bradly I want to try and successfully do this job.It will be very nice for me.Yah introduce me to johnw on ledger. Thanks17:38
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: ok, join #ledger and I'll introduce you.  BTW, my name is "Bradley"17:39
bkuhn(common misspelling though... it's ok, just letting yuou know)17:40
anulesh_tiwariok "BRADLEY" this was the last. joining ledger17:40
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: ok, don't see you on #ledger yet....17:43
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