Wednesday, 2014-03-12

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joarpritam: hello10:33
joarpritam: you need to have the server running when you run the client10:34
joarthe server should be running at localhost:500010:34
pritamserver means the file , is that right?10:35
joarthe accounting-api python application is not really complete, but it has most of the basic double-entry accounting methods10:35
joar./bin/serve is the server10:35
pritamok...I will check that10:35
joarpritam: and make sure you have enabled the virtualenv that you created when you were following the README10:36
joarthere's also a javascript client that the ./bin/serve process provides, you can access it at localhost:5000/client once you have started ./bin/serve10:38
pritamfatal error: git2.h: No such file or directory ........I get this error while installing pygit2...Tried for a long time but could not fix12:13
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pritamjoar : I have set up the server but I think /balance request will not work since the server is not listening at that place .... should it be implemented in the project ?13:56
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pritamIn the generate_id() will the uuid be always different ? I doubt that it may collide with the transaction ids initiallly given in the file.14:28
pritamsorry, it is Transaction.generate_id()14:29
pritamCan you please tell me what are the goals with respect to the codes given in accounting-api ? I am going through the various codes and understanding most of them...14:45
pritamBasically, goals of furthur changes that are done through the project.14:47
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