Thursday, 2014-04-10

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anulesh_tiwari@bkuhn Hii Bradley I have sent you a mail Please check that16:39
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: Ok, I typically check email only once per day.  Is it something I need to look at right away?  Did you have questions about my previous email that I can answer here right now?16:40
anulesh_tiwariNo, Bradley... Currently I have no questions...If you can check the mail...that will be beteer for me ...:D16:42
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: well, I'll see the email in tomorrow's batch.  If you need an answer in less than 24 hours, you'd best ask it here.  That would be better for me. :)16:42
anulesh_tiwariOkk Bradley I have replied in my mail...that my Semseter exam are running now.....they will end by 20 of April.. After then I will be free till complete of summer and more months...So If You can give me time till 15 of April, If I will come with a patch then you can go further, if not, surly You can reject my application. I am left with only this option16:45
bkuhnanulesh_tiwari: do what you can when you can, and we'll see how it works out.  I did tell you pretty early about the patch being important, of course,IIRC.16:48
anulesh_tiwariyeah I know....Thank You giving me some time...:)16:49
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