Monday, 2014-04-21

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pritambkuhn : Thank you for your encouragement in the comments on my proposal page . I will try next year ....18:29
bkuhnpritam: Great.  As I mentioned, it was a difficult task and we ultimately could take only one student, one of whom who was quite strong and applied for one of the more straightforward tasks on the list.  In the end, it was better to go with something (projectwise) we knew could be completed in the summer.18:30
bkuhnpritam: As I mentioned during your application process, the task you picked was the most difficult one so it had a much higher bar than the others.18:31
pritamfine ....... Still I have some taste to do something and contribute for that project ... So, whenever I am free I will try to work on it . Although I am not selected , I had learnt many things in my attempt to understand your code ... I am happy with that .  Thank you .18:37
bkuhnI'm glad, and patches are always welcome. :)18:37
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paroneayeahey bkuhnIdle19:15
paroneayeabkuhnIdle: have you looked at I wonder?19:18
paroneayeaI was just reading the update about it on the ledger-cli list19:18
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