Thursday, 2014-05-08

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tgnitjohnw: as you pointed out that mpfr is used for rounding while display and internally it does not use floating point but integer rationals. since it does not use fixed point arithmetic and it does not need one yet. wouldn't it be good if I write a test highlighting the same16:39
tgnitas Brad pointed out we need to assure accountant in simpler terms16:40
bkuhnI like the idea of tests to highlight this fact.16:41
tgnitbkuhn: thanks, i should write a comparison between the three as to why accuracy is not the thing to he worried about in case of integer rationals16:44
bkuhnYeah, agreed.16:44
bkuhnThe reporting issue is still important and needs addressed.16:44
bkuhnBut I'm glad to know that the problem we're investigating is now confined merely to the reporting, not internal to Ledger-CLI.16:44
bkuhnThis makes your job easier, tgnit.   I'm really glad you proposed to do both this project and writing test coverage for ledger-cli.  We'll get this problem solved early, I suspect. ;)16:45
tgniti too feel that16:46
tgnitits good to know16:46
tgniti am checking display options if it solves anything16:47
tgnitif there is option to set display precision solves rounding or not16:48
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