Monday, 2014-06-23

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bkuhntgnitidle: Are you offline for the night already?15:39
bkuhnI'll be off and on today, but wanted to chat briefly.15:39
tgnitidlebkuhn: i am online for tonight15:40
bkuhntrSo, I wanted to check in how things were going.15:40
bkuhntgnitidle: ^15:41
bkuhntgnitidle: do you have any other commits I should look at to the ledger repository itself other than ?15:43
tgnitidlebut i will do it tonight15:44
tbmtgnitidle: I saw your /msgs.  Unfortunately, I don't understand this part of the ledger code eiether15:44
tbmtgnitidle: so I cannot offer any advice15:44
tbmtgnitidle: and yes, as we discussed week, I'll post a proposal with some ideas based on our discussions15:44
tgnitidletbm: no problem its hit and trial then  ;)15:45
bkuhntbm: take a look at the stuff tgnitidle added to the npo-ledger-cli repository.15:45
bkuhnYou might be able to add some stuff there.15:45
tgnitidlebkuhn:  any feedback on progress?15:46
bkuhntgnitidle: I think we have to focus on code now.15:48
bkuhnI see you've started with adding an option, which is the obvious start.15:48
bkuhnBut, we clearly have at least one feature we know we want related to rounding...15:49
bkuhn... so we should focus on getting that done.15:49
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