Wednesday, 2014-07-02

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tgnitidlebkuhn: greetings!17:06
bkuhntgnitidle: Greetings!  How are things going?17:06
tgnitidlebkuhn: good,  the previous patch was working for all but one case, so i am still working on the same feature and along side looking for code coverage system17:07
bkuhnthat's good!17:08
bkuhnany questions, issues, or blockers for you right now that you want to talk about?17:08
tgnitidlebkuhn:  none as of now but i feel the patch can take time, i fear to run behind schedule17:09
bkuhnThings take time sometimes, it's understandable.  The key is to document you work with lots of public commits, ask questions on #ledger as needed, and when you feel stuck, you can always switch back to playing with code coverage and writing simple tests, which is easier and more relaxing work.17:10
tgnitidlethe new patch is good with a minor issue which i hope to solve soon.  but then we need to benchmark and test it with other options too17:10
tgnitidlebkuhn : absolutely17:11
tgnitidlebkuhn: lots of public commits on debug branch,  i have cleaned my master branch17:12
bkuhnthat sounds very good.17:13
bkuhnIn a few days, I'll look through your debug branch and make some comments.17:13
tgnitidlethanks ;)17:13
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