Wednesday, 2014-07-30

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tgnittbm: ping08:08
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tgnitbkuhn : please checkout my feature precision branch and pull request  #31215:21
* bkuhn looks15:24
bkuhntgnit: one issue is that you shouldn't really be showing your merges of master back into your branch, rebasing would have been better.15:27
tgnitbkuhn: should i rectify now?15:28
bkuhnNot a bad idea.15:28
bkuhnAdmittedly, we know johnw will reject the PR.15:28
bkuhnBut, it'd be good if it's rejected for the "right reason" :)15:28
bkuhntgnit: if you need to reconstruct the changes on top of current master, you might use git cherry-pick to cherry-pick the changes onto a new branch but skip the merges15:29
tgnithmm,  i do it,  meanwhile can you test it on your books?15:30
bkuhnYeah, I can.15:48
bkuhnMy regression tests take hours to run, so I won't have an answer for you until tomorrow.15:48
tgnitbkuhn:. more trouble,  i rebased and it now shows all the merged commits in pull request16:11
bkuhntgnit: I really recommend you start from a pristine master branch, create a new branch from it, and then git cherry-pick your changes in, then use that branch for merge.16:25
tgnithmm,  i was resetting any way,  ok16:26
tgnitbkuhn:  done without creating a new branch,  did a rebase finally16:45
bkuhntgnit: Great, merge request looks clean.17:15
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