Thursday, 2014-08-07

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tgnitbkuhn:  greetings!18:20
tgnitbkuhn:  i had some difficulty,  so i have sent a mail.18:24
bkuhntgnit: Ok, I just answered your email.18:40
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bkuhntgnit: In case you didn't see it when I disconnected; I answered your email.19:02
paroneayeabkuhn: btw, as in terms of writing new python bindings to ledger19:06
paroneayeaI wonder if ctypes would work.19:06
paroneayeacould speed up the process if so.19:07
bkuhnparoneayea: I have to admit I don't know what ctypes means in the context of bindings.19:09
bkuhnMy thought was to try SWIG first.19:09
bkuhnI'm not happy with the bindings that johnw did with Boost.19:09
bkuhnIt's flakey and weird.19:09
paroneayeabkuhn: it's a foreign function library... it allows for wrapping libraries in python without needing to write C code19:10
paroneayea is a fairly popular python library for writing games that uses ctypes to hook into opengl calls19:11
paroneayeathus you don't need to compile any C bindings to use it... if you have opengl installed, it just works19:11
paroneayeapure python19:11
paroneayea docs here.  It's part of the stdlib.19:12
bkuhnparoneayea: I'm not convinced that will work... because ledger isn't written  as a library19:12
bkuhnit's an appplication.19:12
bkuhnand probably needs work to beome a library19:13
paroneayeayeah I suppose19:14
paroneayeaI've only ever looked at ledger's actual code once :)19:14
bkuhnah, ok.19:17
bkuhnyeah, it's not set up for making it easy to reach out to its objects.19:17
bkuhnBecause johnw uses boost, the boost python interface sort of works, b/c it gives an interface to any boost object.19:17
paroneayeaokay, well sorry to toss a probably-impossible suggestion your way... I guess I should probably get a better look at what ledger's code looks like some day rather than just being an end-user :)19:21
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tgnitidlebkuhnidle: got your mail and replied to it. i am working on it now. thanks for the help.20:08
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bkuhntgnit: if you have more specific questions about ledger to ask, feel free to ask here or on #ledger.20:32
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