Wednesday, 2014-08-06

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tgnitbkuhn : greetings!15:40
tgnithey,  i talked to tbm but he will not have time to test precision feature.  will you try it?15:51
tgnitbkuhn:  i am waiting for any comment on pull request regarding tests i submit. maybe johnw is also busy15:52
bkuhntgnit: Ok, I can ping him.15:52
bkuhntgnit: you submitted the precision feature as well?15:53
bkuhnhas johnw still not rejected that?15:53
bkuhntgnit: Ok, I will ping johnw today about all of it, and review your test PR's as well.  Can you email me the URL of your test PRs?15:54
bkuhn(and  all your tests are in your fork on github as well?)15:54
tgnitbkuhn: ok15:54
tgnityes,  they are15:54
tgnitbkuhn:  just curious if that precision feature will be of any use to you?15:55
tgnitso eager to get it tried :)15:55
bkuhntgnit: I understand.  I am reluctant to use it if we can't get johnw to upstream it.  It was a tough  feature and complicated.15:56
bkuhnIf you have time to work on it after GSoC we could look into it further, but at this point, it'll be tough since we know johnw won't take it.15:56
bkuhnSometimes these things happen.15:56
bkuhnbut I'll talk to him about taking the tests.15:57
tgnitok,  there is a comment by tbm on test pull request 312 , my mistake had no notification on it.15:57
bkuhnok, I'll look at all your PR's later today.15:58
bkuhnBut if you want to fix that comment in time, feel free.15:58
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tgnitbkuhn:  fixed on tbm comments, pull request is 313 .21:27
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