Wednesday, 2014-08-13

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tgnitbkuhnidle:  i tried on a new virtual machine, cloned from main repo but still the same output,  can some one else also verify ? i use linuxmint.03:15
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bkuhntgnit: I'm starting to wonder if it's a 32bit vs. 62bit issue.03:29
bkuhnI'm on a 62bit machine.03:29
bkuhnis your machine 32bit by any chance?03:29
bkuhnAnother thought is endianness03:29
bkuhnI bet that's what it is.03:29
tgnitshall i switch to 64 bit?03:30
bkuhnWell, if you can easily, go for it and see.03:30
tgnitbut then ledger test will fail on 32 bit?03:30
bkuhntgnit: this would be a very useful bug to report.  It should *not* act differently on 32bit vs. 62bit.03:30
bkuhntgnit: no, I think our hypothesis is: "that test passes on 32bit, fails on 64bit"03:30
bkuhnI have no idea why that might be.03:30
bkuhnBut I think it's worth trying on both with the same distro and see if you can reproduce the issue consistently.03:31
bkuhnI am going to bed now, but I think I have a 32bit machine here I can try in the morning.03:31
tgniti just posted this on mailing list, lets check if some one else get same result as mine,  meanwhile i try it on 64 bit03:31
bkuhnI also definitely have a 64bit machine that has 32bit binaries on it (I accidentally installed 32bit on my wifes computer and never fixed it).03:31
tgnitsure, take rest03:31
bkuhnSo I can try that too.03:31
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bkuhnI'll check the mailing list in the morning first thing and see where you stand.03:32
tgnitbkuhn : good night03:32
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bkuhntgnit: did you get different results with a 64bit and 32bit system?14:00
tgnitnot tried yet will tell you in two hours.did you try?14:01
bkuhntgnit: I can try easily on a 64bit machine that has 32bit binaries.14:05
bkuhnTo try on a native 32bit machine will be some work, if you're able to do it, that's easier.14:05
bkuhn(I don't have a working, running 32bit system at the moment)14:06
tgniti will test and tell.14:06
bkuhntgnit: "100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 325" on a 64 bit system using 32 bit Debian install of wheezy14:19
bkuhntgnit: so it's a 32bit/64bit issue, you'll need to investigate.14:19
bkuhnI'll be back online in a couple of minutes.14:19
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tgnitbkuhn: trying 64 bit,  will tell you the result17:49
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tgnitbkuhn: i don't know what to say,  the balance test fails on 64 bit as on travis20:53
tgnitbut the equity test give same result20:53
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bkuhnOk, I don't have an answer for you.20:55
bkuhnYou have a mystery. :)20:55
tgnitnow the equity test fails too..20:58
tgnitthe strange thing is it fails with ctest20:58
tgnitbut not normal execution20:58
tgnitbkuhn:  if i save input in a test.txt and run,  i get the same output but ctest fails in case of equity20:59
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