Thursday, 2014-10-02

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jmigpinah, someone alive23:16
jmigpinbkuhn: do you know anything about filing accounts of a company?23:18
bkuhnjmigpin: No, I've never dealt with things related to for-profit company's filings.23:19
jmigpinah, I see23:21
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bkuhnIf you have general accounting questions, this isn't a channel for that.23:35
bkuhnIf you'd like to help uild a Free Software system that does Non-profit accounting, you're quite welcome to help. :)23:35
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jmigpinbkuhn: :) ledger is quite the thing...23:43
bkuhnI don't understand what you mean.23:44
jmigpinbkuhn: I'm using a software named "ledger"23:45
bkuhnYes, that's discussed over on #ledger23:45
jmigpinyea, you referenced "build a free software system" .. well, I though you were refering to help improve "ledger"23:46
jmigpinbkuhn: ah, you're there too23:47

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