Thursday, 2016-01-28

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dogratFYI the hyperlink on gives the correct IRC channel, but the link text spells it #npoaccount, which does not exist22:26
bkuhndarn, I'll get that fixed RSN22:27
bkuhnit's a wiki so I think you can edit it22:27
dogratI'll let you handle it, since it's asking me to sign in :) It's in the "About This Wiki" section. I notice now there's a correct link in "Helping and Collaborating..."; not that one.22:31
bkuhnoh, ok.22:32
bkuhni'll sort it22:32
bkuhnthanks for teling me22:32
bkuhnThis project right now is a bit stalled, but we're looking at getting moving on it again this year.22:33
bkuhnno promises yet, but it's high on Conservancy's agenda22:33
dogratSure thing. Impressed with your quick response.22:33
dogratCool. I will definitely be following your progress.22:34

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