Saturday, 2016-07-30

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modem_downbkuhn: Thank you for the npoacct initiative! I've been looking for free software accounting package comparisons, and the npoacct website is super helpful!00:46
bkuhnI'm glad it's helpful.  I'm curious: did you find one of the packages we evalated taht ended up working for you?00:51
modem_downbkuhn: I'm still trying them out :) In case you're interested, I found out about npoacct from your post here:
bkuhnAh, glad that some use came from it. :)  Anyway, we're about to get moving on npoacct as a project again soon.01:12
modem_downbkuhn: I'm looking for something to use for personal finances initally, but ideally I would like to be able to use the same piece of software if I ever need to for business (e.g. self-employment, or a charity/NPO). So it's great that you've highlighted that area. Also really interesting to learn what you (SFC), the FSF, and the GNOME Foundation are using. You're all organisations I respect, and if you've made Ledger01:17
modem_downbkuhn: So, thanks again :) SFC FTW!01:20
bkuhnyou're welcome, I think for personal finances or a small business, the stuff I do *now* with ledger-cli would work for you01:20
modem_downbkuhn: Do you mean those described at ?01:26
bkuhnyeah, more or less, but gitorious is now gone, they're on with backup at
modem_downbkuhn: works for me at the moment: I can browse the files in the tree, etc. But I guess maybe that's just archived now? Certainly,
modem_downshows more recent commits. Thanks!01:37
bkuhnoh, they finally got the archive up!01:37
bkuhnit took a long time. :)01:37
modem_downbkuhn: On a slightly related note, I was a bit surprised to see SFC using GitHub, even if it is only as a mirror. I don't want to knock the SFC - I'm sure you will have considered carefully before doing that - but have you considered switching from GitHub to a code hosting service that at least doesn't fail the FSF's ethical criteria?
bkuhnmodem_down: you may not have read carefully what I said.  The canonical location is and   is a backup only.  The github URL even says that.01:54
bkuhnI am  familiar with the criteria, RMS sent them to me for comment before they were published. :)01:55
bkuhnI generally use github merely as a gratis backup service for git repositories. :)01:55
modem_downbkuhn: I did understand, hence my "even if it is only as a mirror" ;)01:58
bkuhnI don't think it's morally wrong to store something there as a backup.01:58
bkuhnIndeed, anyone could put it there if they wanted, it's legally permitted anyway.01:59
bkuhnand it's better if it's put there under Conservancy's name, so people know, and so that the issue of GitHub being non-free can be raised01:59
modem_downbkuhn: I take your points, and have thought about using GitHub that way myself. Did you manage to create a GitHub account, upload a key, and create repos to be able to back up to, without having to execute proprietary JavaScript? N.B. I created a GitHub account some years ago myself, and do sometimes run GitHub's JavaScript in order to contribute to free software projects hosted on GitHub, so I'm not occupying any m02:13
bkuhnmodem_down: I did it a very very long time ago, so yes.02:14
modem_downbkuhn: Ah, fair enough. Thanks for explaining :) And thank you for all that you and the Conservancy do! I've gradually been migrating to installing only fully free software on my own computers over the last few years, and encouraging friends and family likewise. My only regret is not having done so sooner, it's so liberating! I'm always looking for ways to reduce my usage of SaaSS and non-free JavaScript, too. In th02:31
bkuhnI'm glad.02:31
bkuhnThe non-free Javascript issue is complex.  It's extremely hard to eradicate.  The important thing is to keep talking about that issue, rather than being "perfect" on your own usage.  (I admit I use some non-Free JavaScript for some things)02:32
modem_downbkuhn: Agreed!02:39
modem_downbkuhn: And of course, I still want to get my own usage as good as possible, so that I know just how far it is possible to achieve. That means I can better help other people improve their own practice. It's really fun teaching people about NoScript and LibreJS! Or even Dillo - "How is it so fast?" :D02:44
modem_downbkuhn: I've taken up enough of your time. Thanks again, and bye! :)02:45
bkuhnNoScript has other value as well, it ends up blocking a lot of ads, and tracking.02:45
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