Friday, 2016-08-26

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zackbcs: have you ever looked into, or personally tried, the web-based reimbursement app used by the Linux Foundation?17:49
zackit's by no mean "good", but it's the best I've ever used in my experiences with reimbursements coming from orgas as diverse as universities, companies, nonprofit orgas17:50
zack(which confirms the sad state of affairs, and hence the need of doing better :))17:50
zackbut you might want to have a look nonetheless17:50
bkuhnzack: bcs is afk right now, but I have in fact used theirs.  I asked Linux Foundation to release its source.  They refused.18:03
bkuhnThey also hinted that it is built with some proprietary accounting system they use internally.18:03
zackbkuhn: I wasn't implying reusing their code, just looking at the supported workflow18:05
bkuhnzack: as for "looking at its interface", it is pretty simple.  LF only reimburses for flights and hotels, and nothing else.  So, their policy workflow is simple: (a) upload estimate, (b) get approval, (c) book, (d) upload final receipts.18:05
bkuhnIf you're reimbursing for stuff that isn't just those two things, it gets really complicated fast.18:05
bkuhnbcs and I have been talking a bit about questions workflow and the like.18:05
zackI just wanted to be sure bcs was aware of that "related work", if he is, great18:06
bkuhnIf you know of a framework designed to collect questions and approvals, that's good.18:06
bkuhnOf course, it's a true shame that Linux Foundation isn't helping Free Software in this area, and instead promulgating proprietary software.  But that's no surprise, given the type of organization they are.18:06
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