Friday, 2018-06-01

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tbmbkuhn: it sounds like was a user error15:29
tbmactually, it's a documentation issue15:31
bkuhnHrmpf.  Well, I gave up on "fixed" entirely because of this and never considered it again.15:41
tbmI think 'apply fixed' works but too late now :)15:42
bkuhnYeah, does beancount have similar feature?15:43
bkuhnI suspect we'd not want to use it.15:44
bkuhnOne of the things I want to consider is writing a backend for beancount that keeps the data in a relational database rather than text files15:44
bkuhnI know that sounds odd, but frankly a lot of people will never use a system that has text files and version control on backend15:45
bkuhnso, using a subset of features (i.e., stuff like "apply this to the next five transactions") would be a bad idea if we want to support such stuff anywa15:45
bkuhntbm: anyway, thank you so much for tracking my bugs until the bitter end. :)15:46
tbmbkuhn: beancount has a 'pushtag'15:47
tbmwell, I just helped to import old Bugzilla issues into github.  but I'm done now15:47
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