Wednesday, 2013-10-23

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joargood morning15:15
joarmy USB drivers rejected me when I booted up, and my irssi machine seems to have rebooted.15:17
joarbkuhn: ping, tackling theming.15:25
bkuhnjoar: ok great.... meanwhile, if you want something else to do, you can also poke around at various accounting Free Software  packages and start making wiki pages for each15:26
joarall right15:26
joarbkuhn: any opinions on theming?15:27
bkuhnI'll send you the list of names I've been keeping later today... but I started from the wikipedia entry on the topic.15:27
joarcolor scheme? serif or sans?15:27
bkuhnjoar: nope.  use your judgment, make it 'look nice' to people who care about such tings.15:27
bkuhnI'm bad on such things myself15:27
joarbkuhn: Okay, I have something at now17:17
* bkuhn looks.17:18
joarit's based on bootstrap 317:19
bkuhnThat looks pretty good17:19
bkuhnIt's good for me.17:19
joarfor now, I hope the content is going to look good.17:19
bkuhnI don't care how things look.17:19
joarthe forms are separate templates with lots of mor switches and quirks17:19
joarbkuhn: I'm guessing the list you are going after is this:
bkuhnYes, that's a list I started from.17:22
bkuhnI was saving another list.17:22
bkuhnI'm looking for it now.17:22
bkuhnjoar: for the Wiki, what git repository should I clone now, given the gitorious bug17:35
bkuhnjoar: do I need to add my ssh key somewhere?17:36
joaryeah, to ~wiki/.ssh/authorized_keys17:37
joarbkuhn: ^^17:37
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bkuhnour work around right now is probably pushing to gitorious by hand I assume.17:50
bkuhnjoar: how hard would it be to allow anonymous clones of ?17:52
* bkuhn just read joar's comment about not pushing to the gitorious tree18:02
bkuhnjoar: did I just screw things up by pushing there?18:02
joarbkuhn: maybe :)18:02
joarI don't think so, as long as they don't diverge18:03
bkuhnI just added it as a secondary remote and pushed everything to it.18:03
joarso if you push the same tree to oak it shold be fine18:03
joarbkuhn: do you have any requirements for the system written down?18:07
bkuhnjoar: not yet.18:07
bkuhnI need to start writing use cases18:08
joarbkuhn: it would be great to have them in the wiki, under UseCases or similar18:08
bkuhnThat was my plan18:08
joarI added,, maywe I should change that to CamelCase, I'm too used to hyphen-at-ing18:09
joarpushed the change18:27
joarbkuhn: I'm just adding all the projects from the wikipedia category listing to ExistingProjects.18:43
bkuhnOk, that's fine.18:44
bkuhnjoar: feel free to begin looking at some of them and taking some notes if you feel like it...18:44
joarbkuhn: sure18:44
bkuhn ... if you find something that makes it clear that we can't use a particular project, then that's enough18:44
bkuhnI realize that use cases are mostly on me.18:44
bkuhnI'm trying to schedule a day or two when I can focus just on that.18:45
bkuhnAnd I realize that's going to delay your work.18:45
joaryes :)18:45
bkuhnBut, see what you can get done without that....18:45
joarI will!18:45
bkuhn .... eliminating a few based on things like, say, poor design and such, would be fine.18:45
bkuhnIf you think a project has a codebase that looks unusable for any reason, just write that in the Wiki18:45
joarYes, I will note any things that I see ar favorable/unfavorable, I can't get in too deep before I have the use cases.18:46
bkuhnI understand.18:46
joars/\sar/ as/18:46
joarbkuhn: If you have any projects in addition to those listed on, feel free to send them to me.18:50
bkuhnjoar: I do.  I'm a bit busy on a bunch of things.18:52
bkuhn... but will add them myself to the wiki when I have a chance.18:52
accounting-botbkuhn: Error: ".." is not a valid command.18:52
joarmaybe I should change the prefix char for accounting-bot to something not commonly used at the beginning of a line18:53
bkuhnah, ok. :)20:07
bkuhnjoar: So, another thing you could work on:20:08
bkuhnYou're ultimately going to need to become an expert on double entry accounting.20:08
bkuhnSo you should start learning about that too.20:09
joarbkuhn: Yep20:09
joarbkuhn: do you have any good resources on that?20:09
bkuhnjoar: I'm mostly self taught on that front.  I read lots of websites.20:09
bkuhnHowever, there is a book that I should probably send you.20:09
joarAll right, I'll go via ledger docs and wikipedia as a start20:09
bkuhnyeah, wikipedia's entries aren't bad.20:10
bkuhnLedger docs are somewhat problematic.20:10
bkuhnOnly because ledger-cli does things in a way sometimes that accountants might cringe at.20:10
joarI think I can recall them being hard to understand20:10
bkuhnYeah, they aren't great, it's true.20:10
joarI've used ledger before on trial-and-error basis20:10
bkuhnDespite the fact that they try to explain double-entry, the ledger-cli sort-of assume you already know what double-entry accounting is.20:11
joarand then sanity checking it by myself20:11
bkuhnjoar: So do it this way: start reading what you can find.  Feel free to just ask me questions.  It's somewhat the "clueless leading the clueless" because I'm self taught on this stuff, but I also "known enough to know what I don't know", rather than "knowing enough to just be dangerous"20:12
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joarbkuhnIdle: traditional or accounting equation approach or both?20:42
joarI'm guessing the AEA, since it seems more sane.20:44
joarAEA is also what I recognize from ledger20:48
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bkuhnjoar: sorry, I had a bunch of meetings.23:03
joarbkuhn: it's fine, GnuCash is my favourite project so far, I think.23:06
joariirc you had been using that before.23:07
bkuhnTo answer your question: I am not sure which approach we use. :)23:07
bkuhnOh, yeah, we do this:
bkuhnjoar: GnuCash has a good GUI23:08
bkuhnIdeally, if we could hook Ledger-CLI such that GnuCash could be used as its GUI, it'd be perfect.23:08
joarthe GNU Enterprise project homepage has been unreachable for the last two days at least.23:08
bkuhnGnuCash isn't perfectly Double Entry23:08
bkuhnjoar: I don't think GNU Enterprise is active, actually.23:09
bkuhnGnuCash is really designed to be a Quicken replacement.23:09
bkuhnWhich isn't purely double entry23:09
bkuhnBut, it's "so close" that most don't notice.23:09
bkuhnGNOME Foundation uses GNUCash for is books.23:09
joarbkuhn: have you seen this?
bkuhnYes, in fact, that's the page I was actually thinking of when you  showed me
joarOh, right23:13
bkuhnjoar: also, be sure to read up on
bkuhnThat's what Conservancy does -- each of our Member projects.23:16
bkuhn... is a fund.23:17
accounting-botbkuhn: Error: ".." is not a valid command.23:17
bkuhn(oops, forgot accounting bot doesn't like my tendency to start lines with .. :)23:17
joar.. I also do that23:17
accounting-botjoar: Error: "." is not a valid command.23:17
joar.. fixed!23:23
accounting-botjoar: The operation succeeded.23:23
bkuhnjoar: oh, and it's probably worth reading Conservancy's Form 990s and (more to the point) our audit reports23:25
bkuhnThese are all on
bkuhn in particular23:25
bkuhnThis shows the types of "final reports" that we produce each year.  Those are formatted as our auditors do them, and we produce a few others that are slightly more detailed, but it gives you a sense.23:26
bkuhn(basically,we produce reports like that, give them to our auditors with supporting details, and they review them and make sure there are no errors)23:26
bkuhnjoar: I realize it's close to bed time for you, no need to look at all this tonight.  Feel free to ask me tomorrow morning for more details.23:28
bkuhn(At least, it would be close to bedtime for me if I were in your time zone. :)23:28
bkuhnactually, if I were in your time zone, I'd be asleep already. :)23:28
joarthe independent audio FY2011 looks pretty straightforward.23:37
joarI believe I have a rought model of the funds and accounts, bar the restrictions.23:38
joarI'm not sure who sets those restrictions, is it the donor?23:38
joarbkuhn: it seems like it is the donor23:38
bkuhnjoar: no, donor restricted funds is something different.23:54
bkuhn"temporarily restricted assets" are donations that the org has earmarked based on an agreement with the project (at least in our case)23:54

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