Thursday, 2013-10-24

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joarbkuhn: I see01:19
bkuhnThe book I just sent you has a section that discusses this01:29
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joarmorning bkuhn!15:50
joartoday is my birthday. I will probably be off a while around 1600 UTC for dinner with friends :)15:54
bkuhnOh, no problem at all!15:55
bkuhnHave a great birthday.15:55
joarThank you :)15:55
joarbkuhn: I'm trying to put my double-entry skills to test by creating a ledger journal for the multiple-funds type of situation.16:16
bkuhnjoar: ok, that's good.16:16
bkuhnlet me know if you want me to take a look at it any point.16:17
bkuhnI'm happy to take a look and make comments.16:21
joarbkuhn: that's the plan :)16:29
bkuhnjoar: we should probably schedule a specific set of days to do the "Evaluation Sprint" I was talking about.16:29
joarbkuhn: that might be a good idea16:29
bkuhnIt must be topologically sorted behind my writing up  Use Cases16:30
bkuhn... but setting a deadline would be good.16:30
bkuhnWhen do you think?16:30
bkuhnShould we do it the week of the 4th, or the 11th?16:30
joarbkuhn: as soon as possible IMO16:30
bkuhnI'd like the extra time, but I'm concerned that you won't have enough to do.16:31
bkuhnwell, the week of the 4th is the only realistic time I can think.16:31
bkuhn... as some of this depends on me.16:31
joarbkuhn: I see. You have to tell me if it becomes unrealistic16:31
joarif you feel confident that you can make the 4th that would be good.16:32
bkuhnRight, this early part is blocked a lot on me, and perhaps others in the community who should write use-cases.16:32
joarI'll find something to do in the meantime.16:32
bkuhnjoar: maybe something else we should do in parallel: perhaps I should show you the existing system.16:32
bkuhnand you can play with it.16:32
bkuhnand see what we're doing now with Ledger-CLI16:32
bkuhnat least to get a sense.16:32
joarYes, that would be good.16:32
bkuhnSo, let's plan tomorrow to do that.16:32
joarperhaps an email to the list sourcing use-cases would be good?16:33
joarmight help you16:33
joarand us :)16:33
bkuhnNot sure I grok that.16:33
bkuhnyou mean, asking for?16:33
bkuhnjoar: ok, good idea.16:33
bkuhnCan you set up an area in the Wiki to ask for UseCases16:33
bkuhnMaybe make a template for them.16:33
bkuhnI have no idea what it should look like.16:34
joarbkuhn: I'll find something out16:34
joarplain documents is a good start.16:34
bkuhnI haven't written Use Cases since I was an undergraduate CS student in 1993.16:34
bkuhnSo, I doubt I have any "current" ideas on this.16:34
bkuhnWhat do the "Agile" people do on this/16:34
joarI have written some, but I can't say they have a defined structure16:34
bkuhnjoar: do some research about "modern techniques" for writing up Use Cases exist.16:35
bkuhnI really don't know, I haven't done it in some time.16:35
* joar is already looking :)16:35
bkuhnAs I said, maybe the Agile people have thoughts on this.16:35
bkuhnIt seems like something they'd like doing. :)16:35
joarAgile/Scrum was the first hit16:35
bkuhnI figured. :)16:37
joarmight be google skewing it because of my history ;)16:38
bkuhnYou should use Tor to be sure. :)16:41
paroneayeaall hail the scrumlord16:41
joarI kind of like it this way, I rarely get irrelevant results to simple queries such as single-word function names16:41
bkuhnparoneayea and I were recently on Google's campus....16:42
bkuhn ... I suspect they now know everything about us.16:42
joara simple way to test that might be to search for 'free' and check if the first result is
joarwhoa, it's actually the second result for me16:48
joarI didn't expect that16:48
paroneayeafsf is second result here16:48
paroneayeaand I am not using tor16:48
paroneayeaI'm sure google has associated way more to me than I would like16:49
joarI tried in a clean window, FSF was the second result16:49
paroneayeaI really should use DDG more probably16:49
paroneayeafree as in google results16:49
joarin the clean window, free-sw.html was the third result16:50
joarI guess it makes sense to think that most pages that put emphasis on "free" are junk and google cleans them out.16:50
bkuhnIt's the first hit for me.16:55
joaroh well :)16:57
* bkuhn thought you'd be gone already. :)19:49
joarhah :)19:49
joarI've had my delicious dinner, family is sleeping :)19:50
bkuhnOk, I'd say put on any resources that you found of use in writing use cases19:50
joarThat's the plan19:50
joarI'm not sure I want to force a template on people though.19:51
joarbkuhn: updated

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