Friday, 2013-10-25

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joarmorning bkuhn!14:45
bkuhngreetings!  How are things going?14:45
joarbkuhn: good :) you?14:46
bkuhnI'm ok.14:49
bkuhnAnything you want to chat about?14:49
bkuhnI know you're waiting on my for various things.14:49
bkuhnI want to make sure you have adequate stuff to investigate in the meantime.14:49
joarthe existing ledger setup14:49
joarI'd like to take a look at how things are set up today14:49
bkuhnHave you read what I've written so far in:
bkuhnIt's incomplete.... but slowly getting there.14:50
joarbkuhn: oh, nice. I'll copy it and play around14:51
joarclone it14:51
bkuhnjoar: ok.  If you ultimately reach the end of what's there and want more, I can give you access to Conservancy's internal data, you'll need it eventually anyway.14:52
joarThat link had slipped out of my mind14:52
bkuhnjoar: please also add a link to it somewhere in our wiki14:53
joarwill do. I'll take the opportunity to make UseCases and ExistingProjects accessible14:56
joarbkuhn: are you using ledger 3.0 for npo-ledger-cli?15:58
joarYep, seems like it16:18
bkuhnYes, joar, you have to build ledger from git to use my stuff.16:48
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joarbkuhn: I found :)17:11
bkuhnjoar: it's probably easier if you clone the whole tree, though.17:14
bkuhnjoar: if you play around with those scripts, you may be able to write use-cases.17:15
bkuhnObviously generating those reports are things we'll need to do.17:15
joarI've cloned it all17:15
joarlocal ledger-bleeding in ~/local/bin17:16
bkuhnYeah, paroneayea complained to me about that too.17:19
bkuhnI think I have /usr/local/bin/ledger hardcoded in some of those scripts17:19
joarI just changed it to 'ledger'17:19
joarsince it's running with my shell $PATH17:19
bkuhnjoar: I'm going to post briefly to the mailing list about your work so far, is that ok?17:26
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joarbkuhn: certainly :)17:57
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bkuhnjoar: sent.19:03
joarbkuhn: is the example in ledger/contrib/... the optimal structure of a fiscal report?19:17
joarrather, is there a defined structure on how data should be structured and sent to the auditor(?)?19:18
joarI guess the fiscal report is sent to the auditor before it ends up in the IRS, I hope the book you sent me will clear this up for me.19:18
bkuhnyeah, it's generated first.19:19
joarit'd be nice to know how the reports should look when writing a UseCase from an US NPO's perspective.19:19
joarthe UseCase is regarding reports.19:20
joarand the ability to create those from the system.19:20
bkuhnI agree with you.19:20
joarbkuhn: I didn't understand if you confirmed if the structure in your ledger/contrib example is the optimal way, the defined way, a good way.19:21
bkuhnIt's probably not the best way19:22
bkuhnit's what we're using now19:22
bkuhnand we're surviving.19:22
joarI see :)19:22
bkuhnI don't think it's optimal19:22
bkuhncertainly, we need the basic accounting reports: balance sheet, trial balance, etc.19:22
joarbkuhn: and these documents are then consumed by the auditor?19:23
joarare the documents consumed by any other party of significance?19:23
joaror does the auditor produce a separate report that ends up at the IRS or similar?19:24
bkuhnmy long term plan is that these documents would be consumed by projects too19:25
joarbkuhn: I wrote a short stub, I hope I got it right:
bkuhnIt's a start. :)19:32
joarbkuhn: is it common to have several accountants work on the same ledger?19:41
bkuhnossguy: yes.19:44
bkuhner, rather joar, yes.19:44
joarit seems like a thing at least:
joarbkuhn: :)19:44
bkuhnjoar: pls. see email I just sent to you.  Respond if youc ould.19:46
joarbkuhn: I might have missed an SMTP Cc: header. I will resend it.19:52
bkuhnjoar: that's fine.19:53
joarbkuhn: I will not resend it then :)19:53
bkuhnno need to19:53
bkuhnI'll bounce a copy to TOny19:53
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