Thursday, 2013-10-31

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joarmorning bkuhn!16:34
bkuhnjoar: hey, sorry, I had a meeting this morning .16:41
bkuhnWhat I told you before is actually usually true...16:41
bkuhn ... I'm usually online very early US/Eastern.16:42
bkuhnIt's been a weird two weeks, mostly because we're moving out of Conservancy's cow-orking office space to be a telecommute org.16:42
bkuhnAnd I had more junk in my office than I really realized. :)16:42
joarThat's mostly the case :)16:42
bkuhnjoar: how are things going for you?16:42
joarbkuhn: good, I got an email today from a guy seemingly working for adaxa, suggesting ADempiere for evaluation16:45
joarbkuhn: also, I got a tip from #tryton about an IRC logging setup16:48
joarthey use ii and logs2html.py16:50
bkuhnYeah, I heard about Adempiere.17:16
bkuhnBut I don't know anything about it other than I recognize the name.17:17
agliodbsjoar: I'd drop that to the bottom of the priority list for evaluation17:53
agliodbsit's an ERP, and a very complicated one17:54
agliodbsall of the issues you'd have adapting LedgerSMB or xTuple would be present with Adempiere, and then some17:54
agliodbsjoar: I suggest sharing evaluation targets with the mailing list as you encouter them17:55
agliodbsa lot of us know these software packages already17:55
joaragliodbs: I'll send an email to the list17:57
joaragliodbs: You have seen, right?17:58
agliodbsearlier, yeah17:59
agliodbsbut you might want to call for comments17:59
joaragliodbs: I'll do that, that's a good idea17:59
agliodbsjoar: also, just added some to the "negative" column of SQLLedger18:03
joaragliodbs: Could you please, if possible, add some sources to any claims that might seem controversial?18:04
joaragliodbs: thank you18:09
agliodbsas you might imagine, I have some strong feelings about SQL-Ledger18:09
bkuhnagliodbs: thanks very much for adding stuff to the wiki!18:09
joarI can sense that :)18:09
bkuhnI'll be idle for a bit.18:09
agliodbsok, gotta run18:10
agliodbsmore comments later18:10
joarthanks agliodbs!18:10
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