Wednesday, 2013-11-06

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* bkuhn works on UseCases.14:47
bkuhnjoar: take a look at my recent commits to the wiki, most notably
bkuhnjoar: when you're around again, I'd like to chat about scheduling our final "eval sprint".16:53
joarbkuhn: the FundAccounting use case looks good and clear17:57
joarthe additions to GeneratingReports too17:57
bkuhnjoar: So, I'm thinking of posting an email to the list to say that we'll do an Eval Sprint next Wednesday and Thursday.17:58
bkuhnI realize it's a week later than we discussed.17:58
bkuhnBut I have to be realistic about when I'll finish writing up my use cases.17:59
bkuhnWhat do you think of this?17:59
bkuhn(BTW, I think you can continue in the meantime to evaluate the existing project list against existing use cases)17:59
bkuhn... and I'm going to try to work at least 2 hours on use cases and/or the npo-acct-ledger-cli documentation each day for the next week.18:00
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joarbkuhn: Yes, that sounds good18:34
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