Thursday, 2013-11-07

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tbmbkuhn: can you mention the fosdem legal track cfp on your blog14:08
bkuhntbm: I could, although not sure that many people read my blog. :)14:09
tbmbkuhn: I'm sure many do14:10
bkuhntbm: Ok, I'll do it closer to the deadline.  I suspect most people won't submit until right at the deadline.14:18
tbmbkuhn: ok14:19
bkuhntbm: Are you going to FOSDEM this year?14:21
tbmbkuhn: yep14:22
bkuhnjoar: have you been able to make use of the FundAccounting UseCase to do some initial evaluations of the codebases you've been looking at?15:55
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bkuhnjoar: Did I miss you today?21:17

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