Friday, 2013-11-15

bkuhnmlinksva: so you think this RDF idea has some merit?01:48
mlinksvathe claims made on the list about RDF are true. but in my limited experience, realizing the benefits, and taking advantage of the mature but obscure ecosystem, makes a project harder. maybe it is worth evaluating one of these two projects, and asking dave raggett for feedback (he's the one that did the xrbl investigation, and an rdf expert).01:50
mlinksvaoh, the two projects being and
bkuhnOh, I met Dave Raggett a long time ago01:51
bkuhn... but it was probably a decade ago and we talked for 5 minutes, so I'm sure he won't remember me.01:53
bkuhnmlinksva: do you suggest I just email cold and ask?  Should I cc you? (Do you know him well?)01:53
mlinksvabkuhn: no i don't know him, have just seen his name many times. i think it'd be fine to email cold.01:55
* bkuhn notes the only email he's been on with Raggett was a spam we both were sent in 2011 :)01:56
bkuhnApparently, some woman saw both his and my (and about 40 other people's) profile on Google+ and wants to know more about us.01:56
* bkuhn doesn't have a profile on Google+01:57
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timotheusjoar: good morning!09:32
timotheusI have updated the page and added the positive point that we are using fixed point arithmetic for financial data09:33
pokolijoar: have done the same for the Tryton page :)10:33
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bkuhngreetings joar !14:04
joargreetings bkuhn!14:09
bkuhnSo, I finished most of the evaluation of Frontaccounting last night.14:12
joarbkuhn: booting the machine14:12
bkuhnwell, I don't think I need the install anymore14:12
joarIt's booted in any case, the overhead is negligible :)14:13
joarI'm not sure how to do currency conversions in ledger, re: my own accounting14:19
joarI think I got it right14:20
bkuhnjoar: well, the question is whether you want to fixate costs or not. :)14:26
joarI made it the simplest way14:26
bkuhnI think fixating costs is easiest, esp if you plan to do everything in SEK14:27
joarIncome USD-X, Accrued USD+X; Accrued USD-X, Assets SEK+Y;14:28
joarI just received the new drive.14:28
bkuhnyeah, that seems fine.  on the Accrued USD-X, I'd fixate the cost at the conversion rate14:28
bkuhnThe book should be there soon.14:29
bkuhnI think they  sent it by boat (!)14:29
joarCheap shipping14:30
bkuhnjoar: so what specifically can I be most helpful with today?  I have some posts I want to make to our mailing list, but I also have work on other projects to do today, so I want to see how I can most efficiently use time to keep you moving.14:39
joarI will try to set up openpetra once again14:43
joarGive me a minute to gather my thoughts14:49
bkuhnNo problem, I actually have to go idle for maybe 15 minutes.14:49
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joarregarding the evaluation template, currently I think you are the most qualified person of us two to use this on any given project. I'm not sure if I should take over your work on that or if you would like to continue with that.14:52
joar can be evaluated against the template at any time since they have a public demo15:01
joarERP5 provides a VM for testing, could theoretically be evaluated at any time15:01
joarLittle is written about GNUEnterprise.15:02
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joarbkuhnIdle: do you have any experience with GNUEnterprise?15:02
* bkuhn is back.15:02
bkuhnIt's been a long time...15:02
joarI see15:03
bkuhn... but back when I was at FSF, the folks who were working on GNU Enterprise weren't doing very much.15:03
joarWe could ask the GNU Enterprise mailing list.15:03
bkuhnWe could.  Frankly, if we can't find their code repository, we don't have to spend too much time on it.15:03
bkuhnDo they have one?15:03
joarok, the mailing lists are practially dead.15:03
joar shows decreased activity15:10
joarThe animation of GNUe seems to be historically down.15:12
joarit's not entirely dead and abandoned though.15:12
joarso I don't know what to do with it15:12
joarI'll see if it's in the package manager for the debian derivative from canonical that must not be named15:13
joarit is not15:14
joarbkuhn: however, should I continue using your evaluation template with the remaining projects?15:16
bkuhnjoar: I think so....15:20
bkuhn... do you grok all the use cases as I've written them?15:20
joarI think I won't know that before I start using it, I have no immediate questions.15:22
bkuhnjoar: ok, I'd say go for it... why not start with ones that are likely to be eliminated?15:23
bkuhnMeanwhile, I do need to write up a Community Health "UseCase"15:23
bkuhnI haven't done that yet.15:23
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bkuhnjoar: So, what do you need me to do today to help us reach our goal of being done the evaluations within on week?19:35
joarbkuhn: If you could take a project other than ERPNext it would help me, and probably tomorrow I'd need you just looking over my ERPNext evaluation20:05
bkuhnjoar: ok, I can review your ERPNext evaluation.20:06
bkuhnI'll try to review two other projects today, probably easy ones. :)20:06
joaryeah :)20:06
bkuhnFWIW, Frontaccounting is now officially eliminated: and
bkuhn(But I won't count that for one of my two :)20:11
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joarbkuhn: could cost centers be synonymous with funds?21:16
bkuhnjoar: they could used that way.  It's a different concept.  It might be possible to "beat" cost center code into handling temporarily restricted assets.21:17
bkuhnjoar: the main thing to test is whether or not you can run the "standard reports" against them.21:19
bkuhnCan you, for example, get a Trial Balance report that  ONLY includes a specific cost center21:19
bkuhnjoar: which one are you evaluating?  Can I see it running?21:25
bkuhnok, I will look in a few21:28
joarI'm having some trouble with the complexity of it21:32
joarI don't understand most of these terms21:36
joarIt's not at all like ledger-cli :)21:36
bkuhnwell, Ledger CLI often has its own terms for things.21:41
bkuhnwhich is not a good thing on Ledger CLI's part.21:41
joarok, journal voucher seems like a ledger-cli transaction on relationoids(steroids/relations to documents).21:42
joarledger-cli is easier to understand for programmers, I guess.21:42
bkuhnWe can eliminate it as a base, just based on that.21:47
bkuhnCompletely unacceptable21:47
bkuhnjoar: does erp-next have an IRC channel?21:50
joar, C-f help21:52
joaronly mailing lists21:52
bkuhn(hehe, it's C-s for me. I use Conkeror. :)21:53
joarit's grep -C 5 for me, I use curl ;o)21:54
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joaras an accounting newbie, I find very confusing as well22:33
bkuhnAs a NON-newbie, I find it very confusing.22:37
joarI thought so22:37
joartraining costs must be up the roof22:37
joarbkuhn: I'll move ERPNext to rejected with the copyright assignment as reference22:48
joarbkuhn: I will suspend my work for this week. Thank you very much for your efforts. It's been hard work.22:55

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