Wednesday, 2013-12-11

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joarbkuhn: I will be going to bed early today. I've been working this morning on the Accounting API ledger stuff and came up with a working client-server setup where you can post transactions and get balance/register reports.15:31
bkuhnjoar: Interesting!  Using Ledger-CLI as a backend?15:32
joarbkuhn: yes!15:32
bkuhnthat sounds very interesting.15:32
bkuhnI'm sorry this audit has me so distracted that I can't take a look right away.15:32
bkuhnBut I look forward to looking at it soon.15:32
bkuhnKeep me posted, and have a good night.15:32
bkuhn(I've had trouble regarding sleeping myself lately, this time of year is very difficult, I bet it's even worse in your part of the world [even less daylight there.)15:33
joarI sure do understand. I think the next step is some reflections on the architecture, and possibly the specification part of the API for me.15:33
bkuhnjoar: Still no answer from the System76 guys about their API.  I've asked them to please release their docs under CC-By-SA.15:34
joar(sun rises at 08:30 and sets at 14:30)15:34
joar(and regularly, I get up at 14:00, we'll see about that in the future, tomorrow will probably start earlier for me)15:35
joarbkuhn: good15:35
joarand bad, but reversed15:35
bkuhnjoar: eek, you sleep through all the daylight?15:35
bkuhnThat probably isn't good for your body.15:35
joarbkuhn: not today!15:35
bkuhnMy goal is generally to wake up at sunrise, which I do pretty well15:36
bkuhnbut I have been falling back asleep after walking the dogs lately, which is BAD.15:36
bkuhnOur Sunrise/Sunset here is 07:11 / 16:27 (today anyway)15:36
bkuhnI fortunately didn't go back to sleep today, which I consider a success. :)15:36
joarin the morning?15:37
bkuhnI walk the dogs right after waking up15:37
bkuhnsometimes I fall back asleep15:37
joarI need to get enough sleep in order to be able to get out of bed in the morning (I turn off alarms in my sleep, sleep right through them, etc), that's a self-defense mechanism developed during my years of sleeping far too little I suspect.15:39
joarI thought you would be pretty awake after having a walk though.15:40
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