Thursday, 2013-12-12

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joarbkuhnIdle: what license should the accounting api be under?20:47
bkuhnIdlejoar: if you wrote it from scratch, slap Affero GPL on it for now.  If we need to adjust later, we can.20:48
joarmy suggestion: AGPLv3 without CLA20:48
joarbkuhnIdle: I think I wrote it from scratch. Let me check again :)20:48
bkuhnIdlewell, there will be no complex CLA for sure, that's a given. :)  We should use a minimal inbound=outbound DCO-ish thing probably, but we can implement that later.20:48
bkuhnIdleanyway, I'm truly idle now, back in about 40 min20:48
joarbkuhnIdle: right20:49
joarbkuhnIdle: I will send a notice to the list about accounting-api, just informing them of its existence.21:00
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