Sunday, 2014-03-16

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pritamjoar : is insert transaction complete ? getting some errors while using it .....05:58
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ankitvadHi, I'm Ankit, a 2nd Year CS Student, in India.08:29
ankitvadAnd, i'd like to work on NPO Acounting software, as part of GSoC 2014.08:30
ankitvadI'd like to start working on building a better test suite for ledger-CLI, could someone please guide me as to what should i do next,  before submitting the proposal ?08:31
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pritamJoar : resolved the issue regarding insert . I had some problems with installing pygit2 .09:49
pritamSo , adding tags in the insert method is the required task right ?10:01
pritamAlso , if a transaction has multiple postings I think the mechanism to do that is also yet to be implemented...right ?10:04
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pritamJoar : what is the main objective ? To implement the command line client or the client through the browser ?10:31
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pritamCan I assume that the goal of tags project is to implement REST API for all the commands found on ledger ?11:04
pritamDoes the project also include making the UI for client browser page better ?11:06
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pritamjoar : in get transactions already the required function to get info about the transactions and their various tags has been implemented . What additional functionality is required here (in the case of get transactions)....I feel that it is complete..)16:06
pritamI feel that it is only in the case of update and add transactions that additional parsing of user input and appropriately  inserting them into the ledger file needs to be done .16:12
pritamIs it tough enough to last for 2 months of the summer time ?  or are there any things that I am missing out .......16:13
pritamOf course if you want me to finish with the gui part ( including the part that deals with the tags being entered by user ) , It will take a good amount of time to implement. Please express your opinion .....16:19
pritamI am familiar with flask to the point of understanding most of your code .... So , I think I will be able to move forward with the rest .16:21
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