Monday, 2014-03-17

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pritamJoar : for the rest api how about having auto-complete which will help the user when he needs to enter a specific id etc ?05:43
pritamAlso it would be good to implement client level error-handling for overall imbalances that may occur while entering the transaction .05:44
pritamthere are libraries in python to implement auto-completion ....So I think I can do it.05:46
pritamSome other features may be the user will be able to delete many transactions at a time and also update them ......Just as the feature to add many transactions is written already .05:51
pritamright now there are features for getting all the transactions ..Some features that would allow me to filter the transactions based on payee etc can be added too.....What do you feel ?? will it be helpful ?06:43
pritamSuch filters can also be applied to get account balances command .....06:46
pritamCan you please tell which part  in the phase 0 of the npo accounting software project  is incomplete.07:23
pritamAs far as I can see the public tests are separate modules that would  check the annual transactions given in the ledger file to conclude whether the organization has passes the public test or not ...Is that right ?07:53

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