Wednesday, 2014-07-09

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bkuhntgnit: I just sent you an email.  I think you should prepare your feature for a pull request upstream.16:03
bkuhnBut you should put the tests together with the feature and submit it as one pull requests16:03
tgnitbkuhn: yes,  another good news, benchmark shows negligible difference :)16:05
bkuhnthat's good.16:05
bkuhnYou may want to submit the benchmark results in the text of your pull requests...16:05
tgnitbkuhn:  i used time command,  any tip to prepare benchmark report?16:05
bkuhn... so upstream knows your new feature won't impact the users.16:05
bkuhntime is fine for this purpose, I think.16:05
bkuhnHere's what suggest:16:05
bkuhnmerge your commits of the test file (maybe with git cherry-pick) into your master branch with the feature in it.16:06
bkuhnmake sure you rebase against current master upstream (fix any problems if you encounter them)16:06
bkuhnthen, submit a pull request.16:06
bkuhnI'm happy to examine your master branch right before you do it to make sure it looks good.16:06
bkuhnthe benchmark details can go in the description of the pull request on GitHub (you can explain that the feature does not appear to impact users who don't  use the feature)16:07
tgnitbkuhn:  i am planning to create a branch with my patch and tests and then propose a merge?16:08
bkuhntgnit: that sounds very good.  I'm happy to review your branch before you submit the merge request.16:12
tgnitbkuhn:  the tests are a part of debug branch because i will combine all the tests into one before making a pull request.  i will surely get it verified by you before i do it16:13
bkuhnYeah, that sounds fine.16:14
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