Thursday, 2014-07-10

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tgnitplease review20:47
tbmtgnit: is there a reason you're still not following coding standards?20:48
tbmshould be: if (...20:49
tbmin src/ you're add a blank line for no reason20:49
tbmin src/ the intentation is wrong20:49
tbm + if(as_amount().has_commodity() && as_amount().commodity().has_flags(COMMODITY_SET_CUSTOM_PRECISION)) {20:50
tbm+ amount_t temp(as_amount());20:50
tbmthe stuff in brackets {} should be intended20:50
tgnittbm: sorry to annoy you20:50
tgnitgot you20:50
tbmyou're not annoying me.  I'm just providing feedback20:51
tbmsorry for annoying you :)20:51
tbmalso, is there a reason you only added one test instead of al?20:51
tgnittbm: i corrected what i know of,  but did not observed this.20:51
tbmanyway, I'm back now.... quite curious to test this patch on my ledger data20:52
tgniti combined all of them to one test,  usually baseline has one test per feature20:52
tgnittbm:  please do and it does not affect speed noticeably20:54
tgnittbm: i had trouble with git it is adding that empty line for no reason i can guess of20:55
tbmtry removing it20:59
* bkuhn agrees with tbm's comments.21:01
bkuhnI don't know whether it's better or not to combine all of it into one test.21:01
tbmone option would be to add a simple test as test/baseline/dir-commodity-precision.test21:01
tbmand then add the other test cases as test/regress/xxx-a.test, xxx-b.test21:02
tbmxxx being the bug number21:02
tgnittbm: it does not annoy me,  but thanks i will observe these things from now on.  i have amended the commit.  please check once again21:13
tgnittbm: alright,  should i separate them then?  i also feel combining it up will make it difficult to point out error in future21:17
tbmyeah, I think so21:17
tgnittbm:  Bug 781?21:21
tbmyes and/or 99221:24
tgnittbm:  please review21:38
tgnitsame as before21:42
tbmtgnit: if(com21:55
tbm+void instance_t::commodity_precision_directive(commodity_t& comm,string precise)21:56
tbmspace before 'string precise'21:56
tbmcan you add a blank line at the end of all tests21:56
tbmI've to test the patch later21:57
tgnitok, sorry that you had to dictate almost each formatting21:59
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