Monday, 2013-11-11

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joarhello bkuhn!15:23
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pokolijoar: about Fund Report16:35
pokolijoar: we have a module for budgets, that could do the work for Funds (I think)16:35
pokolijoar: in those module you define a budget with diferent lines and you input a expected quantity on the period when you will income/expend this quantity16:36
joarbkuhn: ping16:37
pokolijoar: you can relate this lines to accounts, so when are moves on accounting, you can see the "real" quantity of the budget line16:37
pokoliThat will fill your needs?16:37
bkuhnpokoli: I think you might be misunderstanding temporarily restricted assets.16:37
bkuhnThey aren't just "budgets".16:37
bkuhnAnd, each temporarily restricted account could have its own budget, actually.16:37
pokoliso it neeeds development16:38
bkuhnBudgeting is a definite UseCase I want to add.16:38
bkuhnBut it's a very different concept.16:38
pokolibkuhn: it have the doubt about budgets or analytic accounts16:39
pokolibkuhn: but i think that you will end up customizing it :)16:39
bkuhnFund Accounting definitely isn't just a customization on  budgets.16:40
pokolibkuhn: The more I read the wikipedia page for Fund Accounting the more I understand that you will need analytic_account for tryton16:43
pokoliand then link your budgets with analytic accounts also16:43
bkuhnMy concern is trying to fit square pegs into round holes.16:43
bkuhnFund accounting needs to be a center piece of an accounting system to work for a fiscal sponsor.16:44
bkuhnIt's why fiscal sponsors often have to build their own accounting software.16:44
bkuhnI would suspect to support fund accounting, Tryton would need major infrastructural changes.16:44
bkuhnBut we can look at this during the evaluation days.16:44
pokolibkuhn: could you explain a requirement that forces sponsors to build their own accounting software?16:47
pokolibkuhn: I will try to provide the tryton implementation16:47
joarpokoli: Thanks for the help pokoli :)16:57
* joar will be right back, fall event at daughter's preschool.16:57
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joarbkuhn: Would you support me tackling this task?
bkuhnjoar: sure, go ahead.  Probably worth it to track our discussions on Wed/Thur.19:49
joarbkuhn: all right, tackling :)19:50
joarpostponed, looking at npo-ledger-cli20:03
bkuhnok, that's a good idea.  But doing the IRC bot is useful if you want to do that later.20:10
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joaraccounting-bot: hello21:39
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joarI think it works now...21:57
joarping logs22:02
* joar checking if crontab works22:03
bkuhnjoar: looks good, thank you.22:12
bkuhnjoar: was the stuff in useful to build some use cases?22:12
joarbkuhn: I'm not sure, I'm having trouble focusing.22:12
bkuhnjoar: no problem, it's pretty late in your time zone.  Why not get some sleep and look fresh in the morning?22:13
joarbut yes, I got some useful information22:13
joarbkuhn: might be a good idea.22:13

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