Tuesday, 2013-11-12

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bkuhnI just added a number of projects to the existing projects list on the wiki.  I think now all the projects I know about are on the existing projects list.17:24
joarthank you bkuhn!17:50
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joarbkuhnIdle: Garradin is documented in french, partly developed in french18:52
joarStrings in the application are in french too.18:52
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bkuhnjoar: that's fine, an easy one to eliminate, we have no french developers currently.  :)18:57
joarit looks good otherwise, at least the code :)19:00
joarbkuhn: http://testdrive.kfs.kuali.org/kfs-ptd/acknowledgements.jsp, There's some "All rights reserved" there19:01
bkuhnYeah, that's goofy.19:04
bkuhnOTOH, the license is weird in itself19:04
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