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tbm"I assume that the entire test suite passes"00:00
tbmthe problem with that is that tgnit's patch doesn't do anything unless you add "commodity .. precision" directive00:01
tbmtgnit: I don't see your latest fix. did you push it?00:01
tgnittbm: i do not find many issues because I don't have much ledger data except test suite which i have not edited to add precision directive00:02
tgnitno not yet00:02
tgnitjust a minute00:02
tbmI have lots of ledger data to run tests on00:03
bkuhntbm: well, tgnit is adding one test to test the directive...00:04
bkuhn.... and the rest is to make sure that behavior of  *not* adding the directive stays the same00:04
tgnittbm: pushed00:08
tgnittbm: there is one call which is redundant but still useful,  can we discuss this on the commit i reverted on debug branch just now?00:20
tbmtgnit: here's another problem00:23
tbmcommodity EUR00:24
tbm   precision 200:24
tbm2010-08-02 * ATM (Glasgow)00:24
tbm     Assets:Current                        -38.24 EUR00:24
tbm     Assets:Cash                            30.00 GBP00:24
tbm     Expenses:Fees:Bank                      2.09 EUR00:24
tbmUnbalanced remainder is:00:24
tbm            0.00 EUR00:24
tbmAmount to balance against:00:24
tbm           31.73 GBP00:24
tgnittbm: checking00:25
tgnittbm: it is automatically converting eur to gbp? how?00:34
tbmtgnit: yes, ledger can do this if you only have 2 currencies00:39
tgnithmm,  thanks for bringing up interesting cases :)00:40
bkuhnSounds like the above needs to be one the test cases we submit with this patch!00:46
tgnittbm: it is contradictory,  the above feature shall not work for commodities not mentioning precision sub directiive00:47
tgnitif instead of eur you mention it for gbp it works because that is chosen commodity00:47
tgnitso commodity gbp00:48
tgnitinstead of conmodity  eur should work00:48
tgnitbkuhn:  right,  i will keep adding test cases as they come00:49
tgnitbkuhn:  i think this one shall be listed as known issue00:49
tgnittbm: is there a way you set eur as default commodity and it does not get overridden00:51
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tbmtgnit: in my original case, I had both01:15
tbmcommodity GBP01:15
tbm   precision 201:15
tbmcommodity EUR01:16
tbm   precision 201:16
tbmbecause this is what I want01:16
tbmand this will trigger this bug01:16
tgnitit is triggering without it too01:16
tgnitand just gbp precision works01:17
tgnitbut i will check01:17
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tgnittbm: pushed new fix and tests please check12:35
tbmtgnit: great13:19
tgnittbm: thanks,  did you check?13:25
tbmworking on it13:27
tbmhm, there's at least one issue but it's diffcult to generate a test case13:46
tgnithmm, any possible description?13:51
tgnittbm: why do you think there is an issue, did anything went wrong?13:52
tbmyes, getting wrong results13:52
tgnittbm: any guess why or where?13:59
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tbmtgnit: I sent you my example by email14:15
tgnittbm: ok14:15
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tgnittbm: that is not a bug you reported,  i replied to your mail with counter example19:35
tgnittbm: it is known rounding error per posting introduced with rounding19:36
tgnittbm: price revaluation occurs per posting  , while the precision is maintained in original ledger just because it does not round till the end19:37
tgnitit is not total of the conmodity multiplied with current price19:37
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