Sunday, 2014-07-13

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tgnittbm: ping?11:07
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tbmtgnit: yeah?14:08
tgnittbm: i was looking on the first example of rounding post on mailing list, the current status isn't what you want?  remember the example of  revaluation at 10.123 EUR,  the first example?14:11
tgnitthe ledger revaluate all the quantities of a conmodity in the balance  uptill the price point,  iterating through each one.14:12
tgnitI took example of fixated price so I came to know that this process is necessary instead of multiplying the total with the current price14:13
tbmyeah, I understand; although I still don't understand why we don't end up with the correct result14:14
tgnitso altering the process is out of question,  i am looking for alternative to fix the total thing but it is contradictory to what initially we wanted14:14
tgnittbm: although your example is logically correct,  but if you look at your first example , rounded result was required!  it is just that in case of a list it goes off by a margin.14:17
tgnittbm: it is all because revaluation in ledger takes benefits of no rounding and iterate through the list14:18
tgnitinstead of totaling the quantities with floating prices14:19
tgnitand multiply14:19
tgnitalso it converts them to amount and hence the rounding functions are called. now i cannot selectively turn rounding off for price evaluation since there is no difference between revaluation and evaluation process using @ symbol14:21
tgniti will look for a work around but need to dig deeper14:21
tgnitanother idea was to keep an associated error account with each payee and account and store those error in them and list it in report14:22
tgnitshould we discuss this on mailing list?14:23
tbmI don't see any purpose in tracking an error14:31
tbmbut maybe I misunderstand what you mean14:31
tgnittbm: i think i found some issue, the price used for revaluation is being used after rounding.14:32
tgnitso probably i should fix that too14:33
tgnittbm: by error i nea14:33
tgnittbm: you understood correctly,  may be it is not that useful14:34
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tgnitbkuhn:  ping?22:42
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