Monday, 2014-07-14

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tgnitbkuhn: ping?15:30
bkuhntgnit: pong!15:30
bkuhnhow's it going?15:30
tgnitits going great15:31
bkuhnDid you get the patch submitted upstream?15:31
tgnitfirst thing first,  the patch passes all the tests but there is another problem,  the known rounding error introduced per posting is showing up in the total which logically shouldn't15:32
tgniti haven't submitted yet15:32
tgniti have discussed with tbm and i felt it is due to another issue so i am looking at it15:33
tgniti discussed with johnw to find that ledger has an option of gcov to with acprep to prepare build for coverage15:34
tgnitbkuhn:  but that didn't work for me.  i tried something else15:34
tgniti have uploaded an xml report of coverage to npo ledger repo15:35
tgnitand i have lcov generated html reports with me15:36
tgnitcode coverage currently stands at around 70% but it is composed of lot of things,  so i think you should take a look at it15:37
tgnitbkuhn: what about you?15:39
bkuhnI'm looking at the code coverage thing now.15:45
tgnitbkuhn: shall i upload the whole report folder ,  its html report?15:47
bkuhnif you want, although, I'm not sure what you want me to look at.15:47
bkuhn"but it is composed of lot of things,  so i think you should take a look at it"  That part I don't really understand.15:48
tgniti want you to look at various files covered,  which are important and need more tests to improve coverage.15:48
tgnitcoverage report include library files too15:49
bkuhnah I understand15:49
bkuhngo ahead and commit the other report15:49
tgnitin my fork or original repo?15:49
bkuhnwherever, just put it somewhere I can look at it.  The HTML version is easier, definitely.15:51
tgnitits 46 mb so i put it at https://gitorious. org/tripuns-npo-ledger-cli/15:56
tgnitafter you have downloaded it.  when you open the report folder , go to ledger/src/ via index.html15:58
bkuhnok, grabbing it now16:00
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